Remains of Destruction – New Dawn

Remains of Destruction
New Dawn
Label: Inverse Records
Out: 28. May 2022
Playing time: 37:47

In 2019, singer Jesse Yrjölä decided to form a new band. So he asked his friend Timo Pelkonen to join. Together they started songwriting. Later, drummer Janne Ollikainen joined them. The trio released their first single “Silvery Fields” in 2020. More singles followed in the years after. The line-up was also completed. In May of this year, the album debut “New Dawn” was released.

“Blood Moon” is the energetic prelude. After a Symphonic intro, the Finns really go bang out. What stands out from the beginning is Jesse Yrjölä’s rough vocals. This distinguishes Remains of Destruction from other bands of this genre, like Stratovarius or Sonata Arctica. On “Final Light” you can hear neo-classical influences. The title track “New Dawn” is a little darker. Here, too, a symphonic intro can be heard at first. But then the booming bass line impresses. And the guitar duo Timo Pelkonen / Saalas Ruokangas belt out great solos. By the way, these are also trademarks of the other album tracks. Thanks to the beautiful melody arcs, the sing-along chorus and the subtle synths, the song has catchy character. And should find its way into the playlists of Rock radio stations. You hear a lot of orchestral bombast at the beginning of “Mastermind”, but fortunately for the inclined Power Metal fan, the guitars dominate later on.  And with the harsh growls, the musicians skilfully make an excursion into Metal realms. “Mankind’s Bequest” starts with a cinematic intro. Later, the heavy riffs are underlaid with many electronic embellishments. There is also a progressive edge, thanks to some dissonant-sounding guitar parts. “Northern Stars” starts ballad-like at first. Later on, guitars with partly beautiful and partly extremely powerful melodies come in. A great Power Metal anthem. Beautiful and catchy melodies are also the focus of “Silvery Fields”. Another track suitable for airplay. With the closing song “From Shadows We Rise”, Remains of Destruction poach in the realms of their compatriots Battle Beast. Disco Metal!

With “New Dawn” Remains of Destruction have released an impressive debut album. Catchiness is the all-embracing quality feature that runs like a thread through all the songs. Without slipping into shallow, cheesy Pop-regions. Despite all the orchestral, synth and bombast gimmicks, this is an album deeply rooted in Power Metal. With this, the Finns close a gap, as many of the former genre greats are currently keeping quiet.

Remains of Destruction – From Shadows We Rise:


Jesse Yrjölä – Vocals, Orchestration
Timo Pelkonen – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Saalas Ruokangas – Guitar, Backing Vocals, Orchestration
Janne Ollikainen – Drums
Jaakko Saloranta – Bass, Backing Vocals
Osmo Lassila – Piano, Keyboards

Track list:

  • Blood Moon
  • Final Light
  • New Dawn
  • Mastermind
  • Mankind’s Bequest
  • Gaze Upon The Stars
  • Northern Stars
  • Silvery Fields
  • From Shadows We Rise

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