Renegade Angel – Dawn of Justice (EP)

Renegade Angel
Dawn of Justice (EP)
Label: Inverse Records
Out: August 25th, 2022
Playing time: 18:22

Already with “Damnation” I noticed that the phrase “Finnish band” is not quite right. The band is too international. But when I look at the line-up of the current EP “Dawn of Justice”, the association with a band project comes up. The list of all musicians involved is longer than the actual review. After four singles and an EP, this is the second extended player by mastermind Jani Pöysä. But he keeps a minimum of attention here and can only be heard on the piano in one song.

At the beginning is the only new song, which also gave the EP its name, “Dawn Of Justice”. Entertaining Melodic Power Metal. Three singers share the job at the microphone. And they harmonise well with each other. The synths are a bit annoying in places. Whereas the guitar solos are quite impressive. Two new (and shorter) versions of the single “The Whistleblower” follow. Here, too, the music is speedy, but a little less heavy and more catchy melodies. I like the English version better. With the German version, even native speakers have to listen carefully to understand the lyrics. And finally, another re-recording of a single, this time with Spanish lyrics. The ballad “Forevermore” is sung by Romina Barba alone. And you can hear what a great voice this woman has.

“Dawn of Justice” is another appetiser from Renegade Angel. But it’s getting boring by now. Both EPs offer one new song each. By re-recording “older” songs, they are upgraded to an EP. How about a real EP, i.e., three to four new compositions or even a complete album? Preferably with a fixed band line-up.

Renegade Angel – Dawn of Justice (Official Music Video):

Line-up on every song:

Dawn of Justice:

Vocals: Alejandro Fernandez, Craig Claims, Romina Barba
Synth: Alejandro Fernandez
Guitars: Lukky Sparxx
Bass: Amadei Sarsanski
Drums: Fabio Alessandrini

The Whistleblower:

Vocals English version: Alejandro Fernandez, Lukky Sparxx, Marius
Vocals German version: Oscar Klassen, Lukky Sparxx, Marius Danielsen
Synth: Alejandro Fernandez
Guitars: Lukky Sparxx
Bass: Charles Berthoud
Drums: Vangelis Moraitis

Forevermore (Spanish):

Vocals: Romina Barba
Guitars: Lukky Sparxx
Piano: Jani Pöysä
Synth: Alejandro Fernandez
Bass: Amadei Sarsanski
Drums: Nacho Bessi

Track list:

  • Dawn of Justice
  • The Whistleblower
  • The Whistleblower (German version)
  • Forevermore (Spanish version)
  • 7/10
    Album - 7/10