Rexoria – Imperial Dawn

Imperial Dawn
Black Lodge Records
Out : February 3, 2023
Playing Time : 34:51

The band hailing from Jönköping (Sweden) was founded in 2016. The visual and musical figurehead is clearly singer Frida Ohlin. Two EPs and two albums are on the credit side so far. The band’s powerful Melodic Metal is convincing on the studio productions. But Rexoria are also a real experience live. I was able to convince myself of this in 2017 at the MarX (Hamburg). The stability in the line-up is also impressive. The quartet has been playing together since its foundation without any changes.

“Paradigm” starts with Sabatonic riffs, but with less bombast than their compatriots. However, Frida Ohlin’s vocals are at the centre of the sound. And not to forget the guitar solo. The Power Metal banger “The New Revelation” follows, where the vocals are a bit alienated at first, before Frida lets her strong organ resound with full power, driven by a true double bass thunderstorm. Later, the keyboards come to the fore, alongside the guitars. But Rexoria can also do great Metal anthems, as they prove with “Devious Desire”. “Rage And Madness” is Speed Metal in its purest form, not only instrumentally but also vocally. With “Fading Rose” follows another Power Metal hymn. The melodic guitar solo then puts the crown on it.  “Light Up The Sky” offers Classic Heavy Metal that encourages headbanging. The same goes for the following “Horizon”. With “Set Me On Fire”, there is a little experimentation at first. The song starts with funky keyboards. However, these are only heard for a short time before the full Power Metal force hits here too. But they come back again and again later. Also, in the straightforward Metal song “Crushing For More” the synths partly define the sound. With “Enchanted Island” another hymn closes the album.

“Imperial Dawn” is a varied Metal album. Every individual track has hit potential. And every song is suitable for airplay. Hymns dominate, but Rexoria also make excursions into Highspeed Metal. Frida Ohlin’s singing is outstanding. And her comrades-in-arms provide a more than solid rhythmic fundament. And, of course, every song is enhanced by a guitar solo. A convincing album from the Swedes.

Rexoria – Set Me On Fire (Official Lyric Video):


Frida Ohlin – Vocals
Jonas Gustavsson – Guitar, Bass Guitar
Cristofer Svensson – Guitar
Martin Gustavsson – Drums

Track list:

  • Paradigm
  • The New Revolution
  • Devious Desire
  • Rage and Madness
  • Fading Rose
  • Light Up the Sky
  • Horizon
  • Set Me on Fire
  • Crushing for More
  • Enchanted Island
  • 10/10
    Album - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Cover-Art - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Song Writing - 9/10