Saxon – Thunderbolt Special Tour Edition Review

Saxon – Thunderbolt Special Tour Edition Review

By Adam McCann

Silver Lining Music 2018

Earlier this year, the team here at Metalheads Forever reviewed ‘Thunderbolt’, the latest album from the mighty Saxon. So, as six months have passed since the album was released in early February, the question is this; did we get it right? The answer? Yes. ‘Thunderbolt’ stays true to the formulae laid down by the band over the last 20 years with no nonsense heavy metal, taking inspirations from history, mythology and life on the road.

This album sweeps back and forth with excellent heavy metal, equalling some of the best work that Saxon have ever released. Tracks such as ‘Nosferatu (The Vampire’s Waltz)’, ‘The Secret of Flight’ and ‘Predator’ stand out from the album as highlights, the latter in particular with Johan Hegg of Amon Amarth fame adding his unique growl in a duet with Biff Byford as legendary producer Andy Sneap uses his artisan skills to smelt the worlds of Saxon and Amon Amarth together.

More recently, Saxon have been touring the United States with fellow metal gods, Judas Priest and have chosen to honour this occasion with the ‘Thunderbolt: Special Tour Edition’. This expanded edition of the original album features an extra two tracks, live versions of ‘Nosferatu…’ and the title track allowing you to experience Saxon at their most primal in all the glory of playing live. Alongside this, those who purchase the ‘Special Tour Edition’ will also find a 10×10 poster featuring various photos of the band playing live and on tour to celebrate the success and life of Saxon on the road.

The idea of buying a ‘Special Tour Edition’ falls largely into two categories; those who are die-hard Saxon fans, collecting every release and edition and those who are still lagging behind from the original February release. Those in the latter section are guaranteed to get a little more bang for your buck, an extra two live tracks and a pretty cool poster, but for those who already own ‘Thunderbolt’, it may not be enough to dissuade them to part with more money. However, if you still do not own this album, this is the perfect opportunity to add it to your collection.

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann