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Symphonic Progressive Metal

FFO: Orphaned Land, Pain of Salvation, Myrath, The Autist, Somnia

Scardust began life as Somnia back in 2013 releasing one EP in 2015 before swiftly changing their name. The Israeli band quickly capitalised upon the success of this EP by released their warmly received debut album ‘Sands of Time’ and although it has been three years, Scardust are back with their hotly anticipated sophomore album ‘Strangers’.

                Following ‘Sands of Time’, the phrase ‘more of the same guys’ was often batted about and that is exactly what Scardust have delivered with ‘Strangers’. What the listener gets here is an album that has an excellent production to it, ‘Strangers’ is beautifully polished and therefore extremely accessible. But, it is not just the production that makes this album sonically very appealing, vocalist Noa Gruman has such a warm, inviting timbre that gives this band the ability to appeal to a wide demographic. To add extra fuel to the bands fire, the three year absence has allowed Scardust to expand in their already great song writing expertise with themes and motifs weaving themselves in and out throughout that brings a real sense of familiarity. This means that tracks such as ‘Concrete Cages’, ‘Huts’ and ‘Break the Ice’ deliver top drawer hummable pop melodies over an intricate progressive metal virtuoso backdrop that will have fans of Orphaned Land, Pain of Salvation and Myrath baying for more. However, there are a few moments here where ‘Strangers’ begins to border upon the immemorable, with some of the tracks difficult to recall; yet, the pure driving strength of the others easily eclipse this.                 Scardust have delivered a sophomore album that consolidates their position and solidifying their reputation as one of the best up and coming progressive metal outfits. It is as near to perfect as you can get it to follow that debut album and it will be interesting to see where Scardust go from here.

Adam McCann


  • 8/10
    Album - 8/10
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