Scarlet Aura – Genesis Of Time

Scarlet Aura
Genesis Of Time
Silver City Records
September 10, 2021
Playing time: 01:10:28

With “Genesis Of Time”, Scarlet Aura conclude their “The Book Of Scarlet” trilogy. Each of the three albums is accompanied by a fantasy book written by singer Aura Dănciulescu. The band from Bucharest was founded in 2014. In the first year, the band was still called “Aura”, before the name was changed to the current name. Of the founding members, only the couple Aura and Mihai Dănciulescu remain. Four albums have been released so far. In addition, there is a live CD/DVD and two singles. The creative duo started the trilogy in 2018 with the album “Hot’n’Heavy” and continued it two years later with “Stormbreaker“.

Daring. The album starts with the six and a half minute long instrumental “The Book Of Scarlet”. A thrilling song, almost progressive in orientation. This overture gives the listener a foretaste of what to expect on this album. But maybe a bit too long?! The powerful vocals of front beauty Aura Dănciulescu can only be enjoyed on the smash hit “Raw Power”. This elemental force in the voice is gigantic. “Dark Lighting” starts quietly with sound experiments, especially from the key synths, but then gains momentum. The guitar riffs stomp along. In “Utopia”, the melodic vocals, a chorus that you can quickly sing along with and, of course, the great guitar solo are particularly impressive. Husband Mihai Dănciulescu does a great job here. Also “Frostbite” starts with some industrial sounds, before the guitar work stands out again. A straightforward rocker. The midtempo Metal Anthem “The Black Roses” is one of the absolute highlights of the album. Despite its length of more than six minutes, it is definitely airplay-worthy. With “Right Place, Wrong Time”, the Romanians get down to business again. Banging riffs underpin Aura’s vocals. Convincing drumming that pushes. “Humans Obsolete” moves in high-speed areas. You can hear the double bass increased here. The next highlight is “In The Line Of Fire”, in the classic Heavy Metal style. Scarlet Aura have produced a video clip for this. Here you can also see the singer’s new look. Long blond hair was yesterday. You can also hear Classic Metal on “Saints Need Sinners”. With the neck-breaker “Wings Of Light” you can really imagine the singer whirling around on stage. In addition, sharp high screams. And do we still have to talk about the guitar solos? The title song “Genesis Of Time” follows at the end. A multi-layered monumental Epic.

“Genesis Of Time” is probably the highlight of Scarlet Aura’s career so far. The musicians have used the Corona time very creatively. Let’s hope that the band has not yet spent its powder and that we will hear more great albums from the house of Dănciulescu in the future.

Scarlet Aura – In The Line Of Fire:


Mihai Dănciulescu – Guitars
Aura Dănciulescu – Vocals
Rene Nistor – Bass
Matthias Klaus – Drums

Track list:

  • The Book Of Scarlet
  • Raw Power
  • Dark Lighting
  • Utopia
  • Frostbite
  • The Black Roses
  • Right Place, Wrong Time
  • Humans Obsolete
  • In The Line Of Fire
  • Saints Need Sinners
  • Wings Of Light
  • Genesis Of Time
  • 10/10
    Album - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Cover Art - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Songwriting - 10/10