Seyminhol – Ophelian Fields Album Review

Seyminhol – Ophelian Fields

Album Review by Rainer Kerber

For more than 25 years they have been present in the melodic metal underground scene. Founded in 1990, Seyminhol previously released five studio albums. The current work “Ophelian Fields” is based on the character of Ophelia from Shakespeare drama “Hamlet” and thus builds on the previous album “The Wayward Son” (2015). It tells the story of Ophelia, the great love of Prince Hamlet of Denmark. The French obviously show a weakness for big classic topics. Shakespeare and Metal, there was something? True, just a few weeks before, Rebellion also released an album based on a work by the English playwright (King Lear). Reason enough to listen to the current album of the French.

The titles of the songs are based on the acts and scenes of the drama “Hamlet”. The musicians have obviously picked out the storyline to Ophelia and therefore packed their compositions and lyrics. After the short guitar “Intro: Appetite” follows the rocking “Act II, Scene 2: My Soul’s Idol”. Here are metal and symphonic elements skillfully mixed. This can be heard even more clearly in “Interlude: Nymph”. In “Act III, Scene 1: Hidden Desire” you experience a change of emotions. Sometimes worn doomig, then again fast and hectic, “hidden desire” just. Quieter but no less dramatic sounds “Act III, Scene 2: Behind the Mask”.In the video to scenes of the tragic love affair optically implemented. In “Act IV, Scene V: Her Majesty of Flowers / Act IV, Scene 7 / Act V, Scene 1: The Bramble’s Litany”, the listener is again torn between different emotions. Here, ballad passages alternate with speed metal guitars. And in the anthemic parts, I’m reminded of bands like Kamelot or Serenity. Despite the many melodic and rhythmic change the song but does not affect bulky, as is often the case with prog rock. Ophelia herself is also heard, in “Pt. 2: Crown of Thorns “is the enchanting dramatic coloratura soprano by Marion-Lamita Peubey. And again, briefly in “Pt. 3: After “As Outro sound then the lamentations.

In the mixture of progressive metal, and a concept album based on the classic drama so many mean it’s no easy-listening. But not so with “Ophelian Fields”. The songs are melodic and catchy, partly with cinematic melodies. Here, too, the intro is a perfect match. The vocals of Kevin Kazek are outstanding, his vocal range goes from scratchy rock to soulful vocals. Even his bandmates on the instruments can convince musically. This is really epic.



Nicolas Pélissier – Guitars, Keyboards
Vianney Habert – Bass
Kevin Kazek – Vocals
Thomas Das Neves – Drums

Label: Lion Music

Out: February 23rd, 2018

Duration: 36:29

Track list:

  • Intro: Appetite
  • Act II, Scene 2: My Soul’s Idol
  • Interlude : Nymph
  • Act III, Scene 1: Hidden Desire
  • Act III, Scene 2: Behind the Mask
  • Act IV, Scene V: Her Majesty of Flowers / Act IV, Scene 7 / Act V, Scene 1: The Bramble’s Litany
  • 1: The Devil Takes Thy Soul
  • 2: Crown of Thorns
  • 3: After
  • Outro: The River Lamentations

Rating : 8/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber