Shadow of Nyx – “Melodis”

Shadow of Nyx

On February, the Shadow of Nyx released their debut EP entitled “Melodis”. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, the band comes with great creative force and with a refreshing power metal sound.

In just 5 songs, the Shadow of Nyx present a work multilayered and sophisticated, that though clearly it belongs in the genre of symphonic power metal, offers much more than the classic power metal ideas. The general outline is composed by fast-paced riffs influenced by the European power metal and with sharpened high-end, bright and grand choruses and exciting drum work that is not only fast and technical, but musical as well, playing a key role in the shaping of the power metal sound. The essential epic element is, also, present, particularly in the EP’s closing track, “War of Necessity”, which is defined by its marching and epic feel and its grand, absolutely majestic chorus.

Now, apart from the classic and core power metal elements the “Melodis” fits in its sound a lot of progressive metal elements that showcase a more technical profile. Shadow of Nyx incorporate, also, a lot of neo-classical ideas that give a more elegant feeling to the compositions, while orchestral and folk inspired ideas intertwine and coexist, enriching further the sound of “Melodis”.

Supported by a crystal clear and powerful production that compliments each song, the “Melodis” offers a great power metal listening experience that you need to check out.