Signum Regis – Made In Switzerland

Signum Regis
Made In Switzerland
Beyond the Storm Productions
Out: June 10th, 2022
Playin time: 01:19:17

Live shows are something special for most musicians. And the bands then also want to present this event to a large audience. Also to the fans who couldn’t be present at the shows. But live albums are a double-edged sword. The real live atmosphere is usually only incompletely conveyed. And recorded concerts can’t replace a concert visit. After six albums and various EPs and singles, the Slovaks of Signum Regis have now decided to release their first live CD. “Made In Switzerland” was recorded last year in Wiedlisbach (Switzerland).

Of course, a live performance includes an opener, where the band members enter the stage one by one. This part is done by introduction to “The Promised Land”. And you also hear some applause, but reserved. This may be due to the fact that Signum Regis are not so well known yet. But shortly after they show that they are good musicians. High-speed metal is the motto. And the frontman greets the audience. He delivers a good vocal performance. The overall sound can also be described as very good. And that although the production of a live album was probably not planned. Actually, the Slovaks drove to Switzerland to deliver a very normal gig. The focus of the evening is clearly on the current album “The Seal Of A New World”. The whole thing is supplemented by a best-of cross-section from fourteen years of the band’s history. However, not all of the six studio albums have been included into the setlist. But that doesn’t matter, the songs you hear are top-class. Again and again the singer encourages the fans to take part. Only the announcements sometimes sound a bit wooden. But that doesn’t diminish the good overall impression. And at the end, even the Swiss were convinced of the quality of the Bend and vehemently asked for encores.

On “Made In Switzerland” Signum Regis show what they are able to do live. Without the home advantage of a gig in their hometown Bratislava, they were able to enthuse the attending fans. And me too. I would definitely attend a gig of the band near me.

Signum Regis – Wrath of Pharaoh (live 2021, high quality):


Jota Fortinho – Lead vocals
Filip Koluš – Guitar
Majo Sucháň – Guitar
Ronnie König – Bass
Ján Tupý – Keyboards, backing vocals
Jaro Jančula – Drums

Track list:

  • The Promised Land
  • Through The Desert, Through The Storm
  • A Memory
  • Given Up For Lost
  • The City Of God
  • Phantasmagoria
  • Enslaved
  • Prisoner’s Elegy
  • I Always Go All-In
  • Never Surrender
  • My Guide In The Night
  • Fly Away
  • Living Well
  • Wrath Of Pharaoh
  • 8/10
    Overall Rating - 8/10