Sons Of Cult – Back To The Beginning

Sons Of Cult
Back To The Beginning
Label: Fighter Records
Out: January 5th, 2023
Playing time: 44:54

Palma de Mallorca, wasn’t there something? Exactly, I recently reviewed “Mors Diligentis” by Golgotha. Another band from the holiday island, Psideralica, I’ve been able to see live several times. Most recently at Metal Queen’s Burning Night Festival in 2018. Sons Of Cult indulge in a completely different style of music, Classic Heavy Metal. Saxon, Judas Priest and Scorpions are mentioned as influences. The band was founded at the end of 2020, when the song writing started. They presented the songs live in their hometown. At the end of 2022, the musicians went into the studio. The result, “Back To The Beginning”, is now available.

“Fighters” is fun right from the start. Classic Metal riffs. And a singer with an extraordinary voice. This is how the opening song stomps along. And of course the guitar solo must not be missing. With “But Not Me” the album picks up speed. Without renouncing beautiful melodies and the riffs. The midtempo song “Fake” doesn’t change that much. Only “Evil Trail” partially swings into instrumental Speed Metal realms. With “Always” it becomes anthemic. And this song is also crowned by a guitar solo. The hymn “The Farewell Song” starts with Manowar like riffs, but without the great bombast of the American True Metal band. Instead, “The Power of Music” starts rocking a bit faster again. The riff-heavy stomper “I Don’t Care” follows. Also “War” is dominated by calm riffs. Shortly before the end you can really headbang with “I Wanna Go Out”. The finale is the MSG cover “Desert Song”, a slightly more modern sound than the original from the eighties but not quite as powerful. And you can’t replace Graham Bonnet’s voice. This clearly speaks for the original. But that doesn’t make the cover version bad!

The Mallorcans have made a good debut with “Back To The Beginning”. Although most of the songs are somewhere in the midtempo range, it never gets boring thanks to the varied song writing. I had to get used to Jaume Vilanova’s voice, but I like it now. However, it could not keep up with the former singer of the Micheal Schenker Group.

Sons Of Cult – But Not Me:


Vicente Paya – Guitar
Jordi Segura – Drums
Jaume Vilanova – Voice
Vicky Offidani – Bass
Dan Garcia – Guitar

Track list:

  • Fighters
  • But Not Me
  • Fake
  • Evil Trail
  • Always
  • The Farewell Song
  • The Power of Music
  • I Don’t Care
  • War
  • I Wanna Go Out
  • Desert Song (MSG cover)

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