Sovereign Council – World On Fire

Sovereign Council
World On Fire
Out: May 5th, 2023
Playing time: 20:53

The cousins Chris Thompson and Lisa Thompson took their first musical steps together in 2013. He invited her to be a guest in his band Sovereign Council to record some vocal parts for the first album “New Reign”. These guest appearances turned into more. In the meantime, Lisa is a permanent member of the band. In 2015 the second and for the time being last album “Laniakea” was released. It took eight years until the current EP “World On Fire” was finished.

Sovereign Council have placed the title track “World On Fire” right at the beginning of their EP. The introductory piano sounds are followed by a Metal midtempo stomper. Catchy melodies sung by mezzo-soprano Lisa Thompson. And the singer is pleasantly different from many of her genre colleagues. The notes sound clean and powerful. And are not pulled frantically into the operatic realm. Also on “The Wait” you hear an electric piano at the beginning, accompanied by strings. But as before, the heavier but melodic Metal prevails after that. And you can obviously hear lead guitarist Joe Moon as a vocal partner here. After the short introduction by synth strings, “Aberration” develops into a midtempo song. Again, there is the Lisa/Joe duet. That he provides backing vocals is probably more of an understatement. “Breathe You In” is a bit quieter, but by no means a ballad. The icing on the cake is a good guitar solo. The conclusion is “Of The Ashes”. Here the Canadians really get going again. Julie blasts out her slightly scratchy sounding Rock voice.

Comeback has succeeded. Now Sovereign Council should follow up with a full-length album. Maybe then the success will come, which has been denied to the band so far.

Sovereign Council – World On Fire:


Lisa Thompson – Lead Vocals
Joe Moon – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Chris Thompson – Rhythm Guitar
Shaun Vanhooser – Bass
Brandon Schneider – Drums

TiTrack listtelliste:

  • World On Fire 
  • The Wait
  • Aberration
  • Breathe You In
  • Of The Ashes

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