Spiral Meth – “Blues For The Superhuman”

Spiral Meth
“Blues For The Superhuman”

In the 54-minute span of the album, the Spiral Meth put together aggression and metal technicality, into a soul crushing combination, into a massive wall of sound.

To be honest, the Spiral Meth do warn about the content of the album through the album’s artwork. The chained man and the struggle depicted, the by standers that look at him and even the artistic decision to use the photo in black and white play a role and visualize that band’s sound perfectly. Whatever feelings the artwork will evoke, the music of the “Blues For The Superhuman” will multiply and develop further.

With ground shaking, groovy riffs as the basis for their sound, Spiral Meth break the limits of groove metal and propose a sound aggressively refined. They put together pentatonic riffs of sheer power with exotic scales for elegance, while the complex and frenetic rhythmic sections composed by the bass and drums, set the proper powerful foundation upon which the album develops.

Atop all these, Spiral Meth add some very distinct Hardcore inspired ideas, that they blend with the groove fuelled riffs, into an explosive, raging result. Still that’s not all there is to this album. Spiral Meth clearly have a certain level of affection for Gojira, since the songs “Gothic Sea” and the “The Locust, The Lizard and The Snake”, reminded me heavily of the French masters at some points.

There are not much left to say about the Spiral Meth’s debut. With mighty, groovy riffs, raging growl vocals, raw energy and unfiltered rage, they have released a bone breaking album.