Steel Cage – Syndrome

Steel Cage
Label: Sliptrick Records
Out: July 19th, 2022
Playing time: 51:52

Steel Cage were already founded in Naples in 1995. None of the band’s founders are there anymore. But except for singer Silvia Nardoni, the current line-up has been together since 1996, although sometimes with interruptions. There have been changes, especially on the bass and on the microphone. In the early years, only one demo and two EPs were released. The debut album “Obsidian” was released in 2006, followed sixteen years later by “Syndrome”.

“Red Detonin’ Pyre” offers High Speed Metal. The powerful clear vocals of new member Silvia Nardoni are accompanied by harsh growls (who?). Thrashy and with high speed it goes on with “Welcome Obscuritas”. Fortunately, it’s not just a stupid blast, again and again the Italians prove they have a feeling for beautiful melodies. Industrial keyboard sounds introduce “In-Static Mind”. The tempo is slowed down a bit at first. But soon the drums push the musicians forward. And that’s exactly how it continues. Also, on “Trusting Hysteria”, drummer Gennaro Eneghes has to work hard. Even though “Saturn’s Moon” starts very melodic, the Thrash mace is unpacked again later. But Steel Cage can also be quiet and contemplative, as the ballad-like beginning of “Revenge (of Sanity)” proves. But not for long. As soon as the growls start, it gets hectic again. Later, ballad-like passages can be heard again. In “Final Resistance”, the loosely inserted clean guitars surprise and impress. And as often before, you can hear good guitar solos next to the Thrash again and again. 

Sure, Steel Cage often blast away mercilessly on “Syndrome”. But because of the many melodic parts, this is a varied album. This certainly appeals to a large part of the metal community. A successful comeback.

Steel Cage – In-Static Mind (Offical Video):


Silvia Nardoni – Vocals
Gianluca Rungetti – Lead Guitar
Giuseppe Rungetti – Rhythm Guitar
Marco Campassi – Bass
Gennaro Eneghes – Drums

Track list:

  • Red Detonin’ Pyre
  • Welcome Obscuritas
  • In-Static Mind
  • Trusting Hysteria
  • Humanity Threshold
  • Saturn’s Moon
  • Revenge (of Sanity)
  • Final Resistance
  • Blackest Pray
  • Code: 666
  • 7.5/10
    Overall Rating - 7.5/10