Suffer Yourself – Rip Tide

Suffer Yourself
Rip Tide
Aesthetic Death
June 25, 2021

I like Funeral Doom. For a few years already. So the promo for Suffer Yourself’s latest album “Rip Tide” comes just in time. Founded in 2011 as a one-man project by the Ukrainian multi-instrumentalist Stanislav Govorukha, Suffer Yourself are now made up of musicians from all over Europe, Poland, Sweden and Ukraine.  One year after their founding, the demo “Inner Sanctum” was released, which was re-released two years later by the label Cimmerian Shade Recordings as a regular album. “Ectoplasm” followed in 2016. Five years later, the band is now back.

A playing time of just over thirty-two minutes, but only three songs? Accordingly, each of them has to be long. Thus, “Spit In The Chasm” alone runs for over twenty minutes. Shortly after the beginning, the typical calm, melancholic, but nevertheless powerful riffs can be heard. There is nothing here about dancing or headbanging. You stand or sit and just listen. The growls sound abysmally angry. Very fitting to my current emotional state. The guitar solos are just as melancholic as the riffs, but provide variety with their melodies. In between, you can also hear strings. And, oh wonder, later the song even picks up a little speed. But only to fall back into the previous melancholy a short time later. Although only nine minutes long, “Desir de Trepas Maritime (Au Bord de la Mer Je Veux Mourir)” can also be counted among the songs with excess length. Of course, the sound doesn’t change too much. At the beginning there are clean guitars to be heard. But later the riffs kick in again. But all in all it seems more melodic and a little less melancholic. Again, you hear strings and an electric piano. The final piece is the exceptionally short instrumental “Submerging”. And yes, Funeral Doom also works without angry growls. But with a lot of sound effects and samples.

Well, I like “Rip Tide”. You are almost crushed by the walls of sound that drip out of the speakers. Every metal fan should listen to it at least once. You are sent on a musical rollercoaster ride. The downs predominate for the most part.


Stanislav Govorukha – Guitars,Vocals
Kateryna Osmuk – Drums
Lars Abrahamsson – Guitars
Johan Selleskog – Bass

Track list:

  • Spit In The Chasm
  • Desir de Trepas Maritime (Au Bord de la Mer Je Veux Mourir)
  • Submerging
  • 8/10
    Album - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Cover Art - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Song Writing - 7/10