The Pink Slips – Trigger Review

The Pink Slips – Trigger

Review by Rainer Kerber

She is the daughter of Gun’s N ‘Roses bassist Michael Andrew “Duff” McKagan – Grace Elizabeth McKagan aka GRAVE. Her mother is model and swimwear designer Susan Holmes, the third wife of Duff. She probably owes the stage name “Grave” to the faulty autocorrection of her first name by an iPhone, as she told in an interview. At some point she gets a go and she wanted to turn her alter ego GRAVE into a real rock goddess. With her band The Pink Slips she is now on her way to fulfill this dream. The first EP “Trigger” was released via Obey Records.

The band around GRAVE invites the listener to a journey through time, a journey into the 70s and 80s of the 20th century. The band mixes the punk’s relentless energy with the dark romance of the New Wave. Add a pinch of pop and electro, and the sound of The Pink Slips is done. Even the first notes show that the EP is modern and powerfully produced. In the video for the title song “Trigger” you can see the fun and the energy of the five young musicians while performing the song. Musical memories of Iggy Pop and David Bowie are awake. Vocally, singer Grace McKagan sounds like the two Debray Sisters (The Soap Girls), the young Debbie Harry (Blondie) or Gwen Stefani (No Doubt). Also, visually there are, thanks to the blond hair, so some similarities.

Punk is alive, yet in the present. Even though the musicians can now play more than the famous three chords. The spirit of the protest music of the late seventies has been preserved. And bands like The Pink Slips keep the tradition high, even though they have become musically demanding, to be heard among others in “Power” or “Satan’s Home”. “Trigger” is an EP that is fun. Of that there may be something more.

The Pink Slips – TRIGGER (Official Video):


GRAVE (Grace McKagan) – Lead Vocals
Trent Peltz – Keys/Backup Vocals
Keenan Bevans – Drums
Desi Scaglione – Guitar
Charlie Anastasis – Bass

Label: Obey Records

Out: May, 25th 2018 (USA) / July 6th 2018 (Europe)

Duration: 20:40

Track list:

  • Trigger
  • Danger
  • Texas
  • Power
  • Satan’s Home
  • Hello Heaven

Rating : 7.5/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber