The Silent Wedding – “Ego Path”

The Silent Wedding
Ego Path

In 2017, The Silent Wedding unveiled their second album, “Enigma Eternal,” to high praises and glowing reviews. Upon my initial encounter with this record, I was utterly amazed and fell head over heels for The Silent Wedding and their distinctive sound. Last year, the band returned with their third full-length effort, a follow-up to “Enigma Eternal,” titled “Ego Path.”

Having listened to “Ego Path” countless times, I am now certain of one thing: The Silent Wedding is an unequivocal force to be reckoned with—a creative band brimming with talent. Their third release is a true and proper continuation of their artistic journey, filled with its own memorable moments, solidifying their status not just as a promising band but as a remarkable progressive metal band of our time.

The album commences with the track “The Eternal Enigma,” serving as a bridge to their previous work and a seamless transition despite the years that separate the two releases. Therefore, we could consider the song “Time of Darkness” as the first track, and it does an excellent job offer a first taste and introducing the listener to the band’s intriguing and distinct sound. Beginning with a heavy and progressive introduction that gracefully evolves into a beautiful fusion of technicality and melody, The Silent Wedding sets the stage and showcases the power/progressive essence at the core of their music.

The keyboards play a vital role in the development of the sound. They are primarily responsible for crafting the atmospheric aspect of the album and contribute significantly to its melodic counterpart. Such an example is the song “Caught in the Web,” which stands out with its exceptional melodic lines and a haunting chorus that instantly captivates the listener.

Embracing their dedication to the progressive metal sound, The Silent Wedding maintains their musical formula, staying true to their core elements. Their latest offering, “Ego Path,” offers a perfect blend of heaviness, musicianship, and elegant melodies, all woven together into a solid and cohesive musical body. Notably, the band tastefully infuses a few power metal elements, adding a touch of brightness to their overall sound. Drawing inspiration from bands like Evergrey and Savatage, the Silent Wedding’s music evokes a familiar yet fresh vibe. 

However, I firmly believe that it’s not solely the musical aspect that makes this album so good. Although the guitar work with its power/progressive riffs is impressive, the rhythmic section is tight, the bass lines are inspired, and the vocal performance is simply exceptional and utterly captivating, none of these factors solely account for what makes “Ego Path” such a remarkable release. 

As I see it, the album’s greatest strength lies in the emotions it evokes during the listening experience. The dark, melancholic vibe arising from its esoteric lyrical approach, combined with the powerful and dynamic compositions and interspersed with melodic intervals, all blend harmoniously to create an album that delivers a form of catharsis- one the best songs in the “Enigma Eternal”- with every single song.