The Spider Accomplice – The Venomous Montage

The Spider Accomplice
The Venomous Montage
Label: Self-release
Out: October 14th, 2022
Playing time: 41:32

The Spider Accomplice are a Rock duo from Los Angeles. In their press kit, the music is described as Symphonic Rock. Singer and songwriter VK Lynne has been known to me for many years, since her performances at the Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium. In the past she was on the road as a solo artist and in various own projects (e.g. Vita Nova). For a short time, she was the singer at stOrk. The Spider Accomplice have been around for at least seven years now. During this time, three EPs and various singles have been released. Now the debut album “The Venomous Montage” is finished.

Clean guitars in the style of the Southern States, plus VK’s slightly smoky voice – that’s how the duo starts the album with “Breathing Daydreams”. Duo? The sound is much stronger. Session musicians are certainly responsible for that. And live, too, there must be additional musicians on stage. “Rebels and Riders” really gets going. “Crawl” is an outstanding power ballad. At first you hear the fragile vocals. Later, the song becomes energetic, with high-pressure drumming, powerful vocals and a great guitar solo. Like several other songs, “Crawl” has already been released as a single after the Los Angeles trilogy. In “Fight” the calm is over, guitar and vocals are driven by galloping drums. The video clip confirms what I already suspected in advance, the sound of The Spider Accomplice is more than just the duo VK / Arno. “Clinging to Your Skin” is a bit quieter again. The clean guitar literally sings here. The drumming is rhythmic and accentuated. I am particularly excited about the new recording of “Butterflies in a Beehive” (“Los Angeles – 1: The Trap”, 2015). Less playful, but more powerful and voluminous than the seven-year-old original. The guitar solo also sounds more modern. However, the new version is also a bit shorter. With “Kaleidoscope”, the band picks up speed again. The sound is hectic in parts. The dirty laugh of the singer then also fits in with this. In contrast, there are symphonic elements. Another great ballad follows with “Keep”. Here you can enjoy the smoky vocals extensively. Partly with acoustic guitar, partly with strings. Variety is written in capital letters, as the bluesy “Boots” proves. Here the closeness to Southern Rock can be heard best. “Fire The Sorrow” is a relaxed Pop-Rock number. Power pop, somewhat frowned upon in Germany, is very popular in the United States. The bouncer “Shards Collect” is another beautiful ballad.

“The Venomous Montage” is an absolutely perfect album. Even if most of it is not pure Southern Rock, you can find many quotations from the sound of the Southern States. No need to say much more about VK Lynne’s huge voice. And duo partner Arno Nurmisto is an excellent guitarist. The years of hard work of the two have paid off. In my view, “The Venomous Montage” is by far VK Lynne’s best release. And her musical partner has made a significant contribution to it.

The Spider Accomplice – Fight:


VK Lynne – Lead Vocals, Songwriter
Arno Nurmisto – Lead Guitar, songwriter

Track list:

  • Breathing Daydreams
  • Rebels and Riders
  • Crawl
  • Fight
  • Clinging to Your Skin
  • Butterflies in a Beehive
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Keep
  • Boots
  • Fire the Sorrow
  • Shards Collect 
  • 9/10
    Album - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Cover-Art - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Songwriting - 9/10