The Unity – Pride

The Unity



Power Metal

FFO: Kai Hansen, Edguy, Serious Black, Masterplan, Iron Savior, Gamma Ray

When Love.Might.Kill collapsed back in 2015, who would expect that out of those ashes, The Unity would rise like a phoenix into the heavy metal sky? Five years have now passed since the core of that band formed The Unity and hit the ground with all the momentum of Roadrunner with the band having just released their third album ‘Pride’. Meep Meep indeed.

                These releases all show that there is one thing that is not lacking in The Unity camp and that is creativity. The guys are clearly on a roll and if you’re on a roll? Why stop and break that streak? Thankfully, ‘Pride’ does little to affect this and what the listener gets are top quality old school power metal delivered through a contemporary vision; there isn’t HammerFall here or knights, goblins and other gimmicks, ‘Pride’ has all the enjoyability of something touched by Kai Hansen with tracks such as ‘Angel of Dawn’, ‘Hands of Time’ and ‘Scenery of Hate’ having all the integrity of Helloween, Edguy and Serious Black whilst the track ‘Rusty Cadillac’ shows that The Unity have a fun side to them too. However, there is little here that really stretches the mould that the band have become accustomed too, but ultimately is that really a bad thing? What ‘Pride’ offers is straight up good old-fashioned power metal and you can’t go wrong with it.

                With ‘Pride’, The Unity have once again shown that they can be counted on to deliver something impressive that is on par with their previous two albums, it doesn’t break new ground, yet neither does it falter and whilst it might not be the best release this year, it is certainly a strong one.

Adam McCann

The Unity 2020 mit neuem Album “Pride”. Fotografiert von Alexander Mertsch. The Unity sind: Gianbattista Manenti – Vocals Henjo Richter – Guitars Stefan Ellerhorst – Guitars Jogi Sweers – Bass Sascha Onnen – Keyboards Michael Ehré – Drums

  • 7/10
    Album - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Art - 7/10
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    Production - 8/10