Thy Dispraise – A Human Trilogy

Thy Dispraise
A Human Trilogy
Green Bronto Records
Out: June 23rd, 2023
Playing time: 14:16

Thy Dispraise were founded in 2012 in Tehran, Iran. Presumably because of the political situation in their home country, some of the musicians later relocated to Izmir, Turkey. It took eight years until the band released their first, self-titled EP. Several singles followed and in 2021 the debut album “Lost Era”. Since June, the second EP “A Human Trilogy” is available, distributed by the German label Green Bronto Records.

The first two songs have already been released as singles. Whereby “Ignited By Lies” is called “Epic Version” and is fifty seconds longer. Powerful bass and heavy riffs characterise the sound. In addition, there is the interplay of clear female vocals (Sheyda Mohammadi) and harsh growls (Alireza Shafiei). Fortunately, you don’t hear any operatic singing. So, it’s quite typical for Melodic Death Metal. “Rising Inside” is obviously the longer of the two versions on the single of the same name. At first, you hear Sheyda’s spoken vocals and guitar sounds that lean a bit towards Industrial. These can also be heard later, alongside the heavy riffs and the nasty growls. “Out Of The Shadows” was produced especially for this EP. And sounds rockier with pushing drums and guitars. Despite all the Death Metal influences, this song is the most melodic on the EP.

“A Human Trilogy” is a well-made EP. The musicians’ sound is Melodic Death Metal. But fans of other genres might also enjoy this.

Thy Dispraise – Out of the Shadows:


Abtin Zahed – Guitars
Alireza Shafiei – Vocals
Sheyda Mohammadi – Vocals (female)
Mohamadreza Rezaei – Guitars

Track list:

  • Ignited By Lies (Epic Version)
  • Rising Inside
  • Out Of The Shadows
  • 8/10
    Overall Rating - 8/10