U.D.O. – Live In Bulgaria 2020 – Pandemic Survival Show

Live In Bulgaria 2020 – Pandemic Survival Show
AFM Records
March 19, 2021

In 2020, there were not many live shows. Mostly drive-in or beach chair concerts. But there were exceptions. U.D.O. got the opportunity to perform in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. This was not a fully adequate replacement for the cancelled European tour. But by following a hygiene concept, this gig was made possible. Two thousand five hundred fans had the opportunity to take part in this unique event. Of course, the opportunity was taken, and the show was recorded. And released in March by AFM, as CD, DVD and on vinyl.

Of course, the current album “Steelfactory” was the focus of the evening. Six songs from it alone were on the programme. But Udo wouldn’t be Udo if he didn’t also present older hits. So, one could also hear the title song from the debut album “”Animal House” (1987). “Timebomb”, which came out four years later, was also represented. Nothing more needs to be said about the quality of the individual songs. U.D.O. have been delivering metal at the highest level for decades. Of course, the one or other Accept hit was not missing, such as “Metal Heart” or “Princess Of The Dawn”. The sound quality of the recordings is excellent. The atmosphere, you could say the euphoria of the fans was captured very well. I can’t say anything about the picture quality of the DVD because I only had the audio files.

It’s hard to believe. In the middle of the pandemic, this grandiose live show was celebrated. And recorded in sound and vision. An impressive document of time. No real metal fan should miss these recordings.

U.D.O. – Wrong Side Of Midnight (Official Live Video): https://youtu.be/e7sZzDGLKS4


Udo Dirkschneider – Vocals
Andrey Smirnov – Guitars
Fabian Dee Dammers – Guitars
Tilen Hudrap – Bass
Sven Dirkschneider – Drums

Track list:

  • Intro
  • Tongue Reaper
  • Make The Move
  • Midnight Mover
  • Wrong Side Of Midnight
  • Metal Machine
  • Independence Day
  • Rose In The Desert
  • Vendetta
  • Rising High
  • Prologue: The Great Unknown
  • In The Darkness
  • I Give As Good As I Get
  • Princess Of The Dawn
  • Timebomb
  • Drum Solo
  • Bass Solo
  • Hungry And Angry
  • One Heart One Soul
  • Man And Machine
  • Animal House
  • They Want War
  • Metal Heart
  • Fast As Shark
  • Balls To The Wall
  • Outro (Stillness Of Time)