Vass / Katsionis – Cynical Silence

Vass / Katsionis
Cynical Silence
Label: Symmetric Records
Out: April 7th, 2023
Playing time: 40:21

The two musicians Billy Vass and Bob Katsionis from Athens (Greece) have founded a common Metal project. Here they indulge in Progressive Metal. Since the beginning of April, the second album “Cynical Silence” is available. According to the press release, modern AI technologies were used to create the artwork. And that’s it in terms of info.

The opener “The End Of Innocence” sounds fast and hectic. Typical Progressive Metal. Immediately the high vocal range of singer Billy Vass is noticeable. “Restless Seeker” is no less hectic. But you can also hear beautiful guitar melodies. And the vocals are the melodic pole of the songs anyway. The title track “Cynical Silence” comes across more melodic overall. Here it goes somewhat away from progressive fricking. The chorus is extremely catchy. “Vengeance Is Mine” is quieter, ballad-like in parts. After a quiet start, “Radical Realist” develops into a nice Metal anthem. “A Day Without Loss” is a short interlude, a ballad beautiful for crying. Dominated by piano sounds and discreetly used strings. “Invisible Thread” starts with plucked guitars. Later the keyboards become dominant. Despite quite heavy riffs, this song is also calm and melodic. At the beginning of “Answers” the power goes off again. But later it becomes quieter here in places. Even if the hectic/progressive basic direction shines through. Especially the second part is characterized by melody and rhythm changes. The final song “My Island Is Home” is piano-dominated. Accordingly, it is quieter here. Even if later the instruments like guitar and drums, the tempo does not pick up. Another beautiful ballad.

Vass / Katsionis are announced as a Progressive Metal project. And actually, I am not a Progressive fan. But on the album, you can also find a lot of catchy tunes, which are far away from the usual progressive metal. In addition, there is a very good singer, unless you don’t like high pitched vocals. I at least have no problems with it. The two have succeeded in creating an album that is sure to please many Rock and Metal fans across genres and not just sworn Progressive disciples.

Vass / Katsionis – Vengeance Is Mine:


Billy Vass – Vocals
Bob Katsionis – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Ross Lagos – Drums

Track list:

  • The End Of Innocence
  • Restless Seeker
  • Cynical Silence
  • Vengeance Is Mine
  • Radical Realist
  • A Day Without Loss (for Nora)
  • Invisible Thread
  • Answers
  • My Island Is Home

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