Vorgrum – Nature Emerge

Nature Emerge
Out : December 25, 2022
Playing Time : 18:01

The Argentinian band Vorgrum has suffered the same fate as many others. Initially started as a real band, it has now shrunk to a solo project. Founded in 2008, only founder “Folter” is left. After an EP (2011) and two albums, another EP (“Nature Emerge”) has been released, on which Folter is responsible for songwriting as well as recording all the instruments.

In the press release, Vorgrum’s music is described as Fantasy or Folk Metal. So the swinging synths at the beginning of “Time To Return” are not too surprising. But the addition of evil growls is an interesting mixture. This also continues with “The Path”. However, this song sounds harder and is played faster, Speed meets Thrash Metal, if it weren’t for the omnipresent synthies. In “A New Road” they sound a bit like Humppa. Most likely to be compared with Finntroll. On the title track “Nature Emerge”, the synths are tuned a little differently. This gives the sound more of a folk ambience.

The sound mix on “Nature Emerge” takes some getting used to. Some of the songs sound a bit flat. Guitars can hardly be heard. Only the synths and the growls come to the fore. An EP that you can have but don’t necessarily have. But definitely suitable as party music.

Vorgrum – Time to Return (Trailer): https://youtu.be/68uXCn5nSVM


Folter – All lyrics, instruments

Track list:

  • Time to Return
  • The Path
  • A New Road
  • Nature Emerge
  • 7.5/10
    Overall Rating - 7.5/10