Heavy Rotation | November

UNSPECIFIED - CIRCA 1970: Photo of ACDC Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images


to the Metalheads Forever Heavy Rotation Playlist. This is where we sit down and attempt to cram everything we’ve been digesting at our HQ into a monthly playlist for your audio pleasure. Here you’ll find upcoming releases from both new and established bands, as well juicy reissues and celebrated classics. There is a guarantee you’ll find something new to crank up in your daily routine. So sit back, turn it up to 11 and enjoy world metal domination.

01 – Shot in the Dark


The Aussie’s released their superb latest album this month. Heralded by this single, it shows that AC/DC are still the masters of drinking, shagging and rock n’ roll and we can’t stop playing it!

02 – End of the Attention Span

Armored Saint

Yes, Armored Saint have been on these lists for the last few months and that is a testament to just how good their latest album is. With songs like this? What else can you expect!

03 – Stormcrow


A serious contender for the death metal album of the year as Benediction return with the old school to the world how it’s done with this maelstrom of a tune.

04 – The Long and Winding Bier Road


Straight outta the morgue and into your ears, Carcass do not fail to deliver with their latest EP ‘Despicable’ and this track has already featured several times in our lists.

05 – Dead Star

DayGlo Mourning

Lumbering out of Georgia like a two ton…. lumbering thing… this track from DayGlo Mourning’s colossal new album shakes the very ground and leaves nothing in its wake except sludge and doom.

06 – Greed


Australia’s new death metal starlets explore the human psyche with a track which shows this band have been raised on a healthy diet of Death. Chuck would be proud.

07 – Begin Again

Fates Warning

It’s late in the year, but the prog metal icons are coming up fast and this track shows that once again Fates Warning are capable of delivering potential album of the year material.

08 – Mask


In their first album since 2013, Finntroll remind us why we loved them in the first place. This track sticks its middle finger up at the metal mainstream and delivers a song for the hardcore Finntroll fanbase.

09 – Controlled Pattered Mental Process


The Icelanders take a step away from Norse mythology with their latest album, but this track proves they’re not a one trick pony as they explore their dismay at the state of the world.

10 – Gwydion


Gwydion follow up their explosive ‘Thirteen’ with this self-titled tour de force and whilst the Portuguese band push themselves to the limit, this track demonstrates perfectly just what Gwydion are capable of.

11 – Shibboleth


Taking a pinch of crust and mixing it with two large helpings of death and doom metal, Ilsa deliver another solid attack of heavy fuckin’ metal with this thunderous track.

12 – Brand am Firmament

Imha Tarikat

This is second wave black metal done right and Imha Tarikat score all the Trve Kvlt points with this tantalisingly tasteful track.

13 – Allt þetta helvítis myrkur


This expansively brooding track is as cold and biting as an Icelandic wind, yet as beautiful and comforting as the Northern Lights and more than worth the 12-minute investment.

14 – Decay


There isn’t much to say here; if you’re a fan of old school death metal and disappointed that Entombed haven’t done anything decent in 25 years, then this is for you. Get on it.

15 – Sacrifice

Lords of Black

The Spanish metallers are back and the little man with the enormous does not disappoint as Lords of Black arguably deliver their best album to date and this song is a shining example of it.

16 – The Wheels on the Bug


Macabre are back and this track is just as ludicrous as anything that they have delivered in the past. Turn it up loud and sing the letters B U N D Y loudly and proudly to the nursey rhyme of ‘There was a Farmer…’.

17 – Eracist

Mr Bungle

After 34 years, the original Mr Bungle demo has been re-recorded with some brilliant extras and this track shows that Mike Patton and co. are capable of cooking up a Killing Joke vibe.

18 – Macabre Cabaret

My Dying Bride

Yorkshire’s premier death/doom stars have already struck hard this year with an excellent album and now My Dying Bride are seeing out the year in style with the title track from their new gloomy EP.

19 – Possession

Overt Enemy

If you’re still mourning the loss of Slayer, then look no further than Overt Enemy to fill that void as their latest release couples both the bands first two EP’s together in style. Crank it up loud.

20 – The Quicksand of Existing


The face of modern accessible doom have returned to deliver another special doom album with this track proving that doom doesn’t have to be boringly slowly.

21 – Action Star


What do you get when you combine an 80’s action film with in your face rock? Crank this track up and you’ll get more explosions than Die Hard, more blood than Rambo and punches in the face than both Steven Seagal and Jean Claude Van Damme combined.

RAMBOMESSER – Action Star [Official Video] – YouTube

22 – Gone


With their sophomore release, Scardust announce to the world that the Israeli band are one of the up and coming names in the progressive metal genre. Watch this space.

Scardust – Gone (Official Music Video) – YouTube

23 – Her Fall from Grace


This track here is a beautiful example of just how far Sólstafir have evolved and their latest album is one of the best post-rock and metal albums from Iceland. We simply cannot stop playing it.

SÓLSTAFIR – Her fall from Grace (Official Music Video) – YouTube

24 – Shrines of Apathy


Is it Asphyx? Is it not Asphyx? Who cares? With tracks like this Soulburn give a death/doom workout that makes the listener forget all about the confusion and solely appreciate the audio feast presented to them.

SOULBURN – Shrines Of Apathy (OFFICIAL VIDEO) – YouTube

25 – Black Rain


This track from the German metallers goes all out, assembling stellar guests including Helloween man Roland Grapow to deliver an infectiously good melody that is oozes classic metal to its core.

SQUEALER – Black Rain (feat. Zak Stevens, Bernhard Weiss & Roland Grapow) – YouTube

26 – Heresy


Disappointed that you didn’t get your hands on Suidakra’s debut album back in 1998? The influential German band are re-releasing their debut album and this track alone shows just how influential their folk/metal vibe was.

Heresy (Re-Recorded 2007) – YouTube

27 – World Domination


ThrashWall kick ass like the 80’s never ended and this title track from their debut album has the band in full swing; get your denim, leather and spikes out because tonight Matthew, we’re dancing the Toxic Waltz.

ThrashWall – World Domination – YouTube

28 – Last Ride

Vessel of Light

Doom metal with Alice in Chains style vocal harmonies? Yes please and this track shows that Vessel of Light are seriously capable of playing with the big boys. Please sir, can we have some more?

Last Ride – YouTube

29 – Inviolate Grove


One of the more interesting releases of the month, Völur are back and the Canadians show that with a rock solid rhythm section, you don’t need a guitar to deliver top drawer metal when you have a….violin!

Völur – Inviolate Grove [official music video] – YouTube

30 – High Priestess

Uriah Heep

With a world still mourning the loss of Eddie Van Halen, the rock world was shaken to the core once again with the death of Ken Hensley. This month we salute a bona fide rock legend. Rest In Peace. You can read our full tribute to Ken Hensley here: https://mhf-mag.com/columns/a-tribute-to-ken-hensley-today-is-only-yesterdays-tomorrow/

High Priestess – YouTube