to the Metalheads Forever Heavy Rotation Playlist. This is where we sit down and attempt to cram everything we’ve been digesting at our HQ into a monthly playlist for your audio pleasure. Here you’ll find upcoming releases from both new and established bands, as well juicy reissues and celebrated classics. There is a guarantee you’ll find something new to crank up in your daily routine. So sit back, turn it up to 11 and enjoy world metal domination.

01 – Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love

Van Halen

This month the world lost a rock and metal icon when it was announced that Eddie Van Halen had passed away. Therefore, we raise a toast to the legend at his most primal when Van Halen were playing the 80’s in the 70’s. Furthermore, you can read the MHF tribute to Edward at https://mhf-mag.com/news/good-times-gone-a-tribute-to-edward-van-halen-1955-2020/

02 – Do What You Can

Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi and co. deliver their best album since 2009 with a hard rockin’ song with a country vibe that can’t help bringing a smile to the face in these most miserable of Covid times.

03 – Battle Blood


If you like King Diamond, then you’ll love Them. From their vocals to their costumes, the influence runs deep. Any fan of the King will adore this band as the band spread their wings beyond pale imitation and into individuality.

04 – Bitten

Glass Alice

From outta the garage and into your ears, Glass Alice deliver an album that is so raw and punky you would swear that it came out of Seattle 1988 and this track shows that there’s a Mudhoney and Nirvana vibe here. Get your flannel on and get ready for some serious stage diving.

05 – Rain When I Die

High Priest

The masterpiece that is ‘Dirt’ by Alice in Chains was recently given the redux treatment and High Priest’s take on ‘Rain When I Die’ is wonderful effort as the band give the song the respect it deserves whilst positively adding their own twist.

06 – When All Is Said

Marche Funèbre

The Belgians have returned with ‘Einderlicht’, their latest album of death doom that rattles your bones with expansive soundscapes and searching lyrics seen here during this epic monster of a track that will have fans of My Dying Bride, November’s Doom and Katatonia smiling inside with joy.

07 – Raven’s Call


Kosmogonia safely landed on the metal map with their Epica meets Nightwish meets Melodic Death Metal and Folk with the release of their debut album. The Greek band have hit the ground running and the fruits of their labours can be seen in no better place than on this track.

08 – Do Unto Others


It’s easy to mock Stryper, but the band have been in a Golden Age during the best part of the last decade. This track is catchy and massively hummable showing that the Devil doesn’t always have the best tunes.

09 – The Awakening


Hot on the heels of their previous album, MindWars are back with another slab of driving thrash metal. This track is fast, furious and downright dirty, having all the ability to make you bang your head ‘til you bleed.

10 – Thrust the Dagger Deep


It’s a shame Falconer are splitting up. But, the Swedes know how to go out on a high, raise a glass in a celebration of their career and enjoy this track which contains the best Hammond organ solo this side of Deep Purple 1972.

11 – Dancing on Graves


With their first album since 1996, Tyrant are back with some classic sounding metal. The year might be different, but Tyrant still rule with an iron fist with this thunderous track from their latest album ‘Hereafter’.

12 – White Rabbit (Live 1990)


It has been 30 years since Sanctuary released their seminal ‘Into the Mirror Black’ album. In celebration the album has been given the deluxe treatment and this live version of ‘White Rabbit’ shows the band at their most ferocious as Warrell Dane delivers a superb vocal performance.

13 – Metal City


NWOBHM stalwarts Raven fly the Geordie flag high with this anthem from the album of the same name. The band might be getting older, but Raven show no signs of slowing down as the Gallagher brothers show the whippersnappers how it is done.

14 – The Midnight Folk

Dark Forest

This may actually be the most addictive song you’ll hear all year. Dark Forest have returned as the English band drop a chorus so catchy that it can only be listened to with mask. If you’re not humming this after listening to it… you are literally dead inside.

15 – Malek-Taus


Vampire show that with ‘Malek-Taus’ there bite is still powerful with their third album and fans of Possessed will adore this excellent blend of thrashing death metal.

16 – Shot in the Dark


What more can we say? It’s AC/DC and it’s new. Therefore, the only thing to do is the bad boy boogie; crank the music up loud, pour yourself a whiskey, spark up a cigarette and just take it all in.

17 – Stolen Fate

Shadow Tribe

Finland’s latest melodic metal export is this wonderfully enjoyable band. This debut single threatens to not so much place them on the European melodic map than grab them by the scruff of the neck and throw them in at the deep end. Get it while it’s hot!

18 – That Was Me

Blue Öyster Cult

19 years have elapsed since BOC last tested the waters with a studio album, but thankfully, the 70’s legends are back with an excellent new album that shows the New Yorkers have lost none of their ability to provoke thoughts and conjure up vivid imagery.

19 – Backlash Just Because

Napalm Death

Over the last few months, Napalm Death have featured heavily in our lists and that is testament to just how much we love this latest album. There are no surprises that the grindcore superstars are back on it again with this blistering track.

20 – Under My Skin


These guys have been working exceptionally hard delivering a quick succession of releases and this track shows that there is plenty of gas in the tank as the thrashers smash some good ol’ Metallica style riffs seen in no better place than here.

21 – The Undertaker


Another band living in another Golden Age. Accept are enjoying their later years and hammering it harder than most with this driving track from their upcoming studio album.

22 – The Siren’s Song


The second taste of NWOBHM on our list this month. Elixir have delivered a maritime concept which features a beautiful duet between sailor and a temptress siren as once again, heavy metal blends perfectly with mythology.

23 – Among the Pines We’ll Die

Counting Hours

Members of Impaled Nazarene, Colosseum and The Chant join together to deliver ‘The Will’, the bands debut album that features this superb grinding slab that can go toe to toe with My Dying Bride for this years best death doom album.

24 – Hypochondria

Dragged Under

This Seattle band have started to take the internet by storm and rightly so. Fans of The Used, Hawthrone Heights and October Ends should check out this band; it’s full of hardcore angst that has plenty of commercial appeal. Listen to them here first so that you can say you heard them before they were huge stars!

25 – Your Window is Open


The classic death metal band are back with a brand-new album and my God it’s been worth the wait. Get those guitars out and brush up on some serial killer documentaries because Macabre are back in town to show you the grisly stuff that the documentaries left out!