“MHF METAL FACTS” by Arvin Ramirez

1 – Cliff Burton was not the original bassist for Metallica, it was a guy named Ron Mcgovney. He plays on the demo ‘No Life Til Leather’ alongside with Lars on drums, James on vocals and Dave Mustiane on guitar.

2 – Jeff Hanneman from Slayer once started a short lived hardcore band in 1984 with Dave Lombardo and Suicidal Tendencies guitarist rocky George. The band was called Pap Smear.

3 – Bathory’s self titled Album was supposed to be called “Pentagrammaton”. But this was changed because several people misread it as Pentagon.

4 – Kam Lee played the additional vocals and drums on Death’s demos ‘death by metal’ and ‘reign of terror’ while chuck played the guitar,bass.

5 – Queen guitars Brian May plays lead guitar on a Black Sabbath song called ‘when Death Calls’ on the 1989 album ‘Headless Cross’.

6 – According to David Vincent from Morbid Angel, the band once played a prank on drummer Pete Sandoval by making him listen to a band that used a preprogrammed drum machine, and pretending it was a real drummer who could play faster than he could. Sandoval got furious, and went on to practice until he managed to play faster than the machine.

7 – Wayne Knupp was the original vocalist for devourment and is well known for his extensively deep guttural growled vocals. He played on devourment’s demo ‘Impaled’ and is featured on the compilation album ‘1.3.8’ where he does vocals on tracks (1-4) . He passed away on September 7, 2007 of multiple organ failure.

8 – Deicide was originally called Amon, and recorded two demos, which were later released on CD as Amon – ‘Festering The Beast’. They changed their name to Deicide in late 1989 and went on to record their self titled debut album.

9 – Before joining Mercyful Fate, King Diamond played in a band called black rose out of Copenhagen, Denmark. He played there from 1979 to 1981, and performs vocals on the compilation album “King Diamond and Black Rose, 20 years ago : a night of rehearsals”. It was released in 2001.

10 – Before they changed their name to venom, they were called ‘Guillotine’ which was a 5-piece band. When they changed their name to venom Clive Archer who went by “Jesus Christ” was the original vocalist from (1979-1980) and played the vocals on the demon demo while Cronos played bass, Mantas played guitars, And abaddon played drums.

Arvin Ramirez / MHF