Ruby Bouzioti – The Reckoning (Within Temptation Cover Video)

There are tons of singers around the world, including rock and metal. Some are world stars. Others largely unknown. The Greek songstress Ruby Bouzioti is one of the latter. The songstress, who lives in the capital Athens, produces video clips in which she covers songs by well-known bands with constant regularity. No matter if Epica, Lacuna Coil, Evanescence or Anathema. She recently dealt with “Reckoning” by the Dutch Within Temptation. The result is the seventh video of their “cover sessions”.

The song was recorded, mixed and mastered by Dimitris Balabakis at E n ‘D Productions Studio. in Athens. After listening to it several times, I have to say that the production doesn’t have to hide behind the original.

WITHIN TEMPTATION – The Reckoning (cover by Ruby Bouzioti):

The songstress was born in 1993 in Diakopto (Greece). At the age of thirteen she sang in the local kids choir. Later she took classical singing lessons. And had first band experiences. She helped the band “Vault of Acanthus” with the pre-production of their debut album “Life, Light & Darkness”. After moving to Athens, she started her YouTube channel, on which she publishes her cover productions with the support of numerous Greek musicians. As a independent singer, she worked with various bands in her home country. Last year the collaboration with “Borgne” (Black Metal Band from Switzerland) began for the album “Y”. What is actually still missing in her career are her own songs with her own band. But what is not, can still become. Ruby definitely has the voice and the charisma.

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Images: Courtesy of Ruby Bouzioti