Moroccan Metal Underground Bands TOP 10

Moroccan Metal Underground Bands TOP 10

Hey guys!!

Let’s check out few Moroccan Metal underground bands, that have quaked the Moroccan metal scenes ; which have been admired by the Moroccan metal community, due to their dedication, hard work , style, passion and love for Metal.

So, why not share my thoughts on the top 10 Greatest Moroccan metal tracks of all time? Let’s check them out…

Note : this is my opinion, so if you disagree or have any other tracks that you think should be in the list, feel free to comment… so no debate and let’s keep it cool guys!

Now let’s start out with number 10

10# The Jar Of Hate by Tropedo
This my good friends, deserve some love and attention, they’re recently formed thrash metal band and they released one of my favourite songs; this is their song the jar of hate; the sound quality is impressive for a debut song.

9# The Samaritan by Suicide Machine
Suicide Machine is a melodic death metal band, taking inspiration from (Death and Gorod) that pioneering force in death metal.
I’m feeling so symbolic about suicide machine; which mixes a perfect pitch in their music.

8# Domination Reborn by Alcantagram
This is not a random instrumental song, it is one of my favourite instrumental metal songs; a song that appeared in a playlist on YouTube and that i fell in love with very quickly.
I don’t have much to say about it, actually except the title is it really completes with the riffs of death metal atmosphere going through the song.

7# Dead Reckoning by Into The Evernight
Into the Evernight is a band pushes melodeath to the limits and offers killer guitar solos and riffs in all of their songs.

6# Nullius in Vebra by Ship Of Wisdom
The musicians of this band are very talented, they always leave me breathless; and this song is perfect from the beginning to the end; i can’t wait to hear more of this band in the future.

5# Boundaries Of No Limits by Thrillogy
This band has released an amazing kickass album; this song incorporates every aspect of thrash, it’s extremely rage. Thrillogy continue to amaze me. Thrash On !

4# Sir 3allah by Vicious Vision
Well, number 4 is a band that almost can ring the string of my thrash violin. A great band with mature members they know what they do and they do it from the heart ” i guess ”
I recommend you guys to listen to sir 3allah because its the most famous song people yelling to hear on local gigs.

3# New Breath by Kawn
Kawn is a well-known and easily recognisable band with their prog riffs and New Breath made them much more amazing; when i first heard this, it blew my mind off, something that completely blows you away, just making you think (wouah) after every Arabic prog tune; that’s exactly what Kawn did in this song.

2# Repent by Chemical Bliss
The whole song has a very strong atmosphere that I can’t really explain with my own words, but that fits this list and series very very well without mentioning the very unique vocals may be a bit destabilising but eventually after a few listens you will realise how badass the song is.

1# Dead Ends Life by Mean Street
I love Mean Street, it is a good enough reason to include them in the top one in my list, considering the style, they play, it’s hard to find a song that is not epic, the lyrics they tell, the several rythm and music changes… and this song really speak awesomeness, epicnes and intensity.

Hopefully you all enjoyed, and remember if you feel like i missed anything, something doesn’t belong or you just want to say something else, comment it down!

Thank you so much guys!