King Diamond ‘Masquerade of Madness’ (Single) Review

King Diamond ‘Masquerade of Madness’ (Single)

Review By Adam McCann

Metal Blade Records/Heavy Metal

Who would have thought that it is has been thirteen years since King Diamond last released anything new? Where has the time gone since the King released ‘Give Me Your Soul… Please’? When this occurs, it presents a sort of expectation, particularly with an artist such as King Diamond. However, the longer this absence of material continues, the greater the expectation and this was the case when King Diamond dropped the single ‘Masquerade of Madness’ late last year.

Although this track features a similar thematic approach taken during ‘Give Me Your Soul…’ and that may get fans thinking: “oh no! here we go again!”. Thankfully, though, what King Diamond has accomplished with ‘Masquerade…’ is more a classic King sound, something that is not quite ‘Abigail’ or ‘Them’, but something a little more akin to ‘Voodoo’ or ‘The Spider’s Lullabye’, but nonetheless enjoyable.

What this means is that ‘Masquerade…’ is timeless, it could easily fit anywhere in King Diamond’s career and that means that this single sets a precedent for things to come from King Diamond and positions the bar of expectation very high indeed.

Rating : 87/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann