Djaara Country, Castlemaine, Australia heavy duo DEAD preview throughout January 2024, the next 3 split singles from their forthcoming “pop” record, Burn Us Clean,,2782097850/esig=54d0e61dd5a889bff0db30e5066470e5/

DEAD have enlisted their most loved bands for a compilation of B-Sides fto accompany their forthcoming album Burn Us Clean, featuring exciting new sounds from across the extreme music world. 

DEAD are releasing the next three singles and their B-sides throughout January in digital and physical form, featuring Hepa.Titus, K5 and Nunchukka Superfly

When it comes to the Burn Us Clean project, Dead explain that “for us “fun” usually means biting off more than we can chew and pissing off someone in the process.”

“We’ve never been a radio band but insist our songs are full of melody – so we decided to write a pop record; a whole album of singles that could, in theory, be played on the radio.”

Each 7” is released in an edition of 150 with sleeves hand printed the band. A box set version featuring all nine singles in an edition of 50 has already sold out. DEAD will release a second, more modest box set for those who missed out.  All singles will be available in digital format.

Information about the next 3 B-Side Bands:

Vol IV – Hepa.Titus (USA): 

Hepa.Titus is fronted by Kevin Rutmanis of Melvins/Cows/Tomahawk fame. Kevin plays slide bass on the DEAD album We Won’t Let You Sleep

“A band that manages to inspire and amuse us in equal measures while offending most of the general public. We would never pretend to understand what’s actually going on in their brains, just grateful for the output produced from within. We sure are getting tired of waiting for them to get the kind of attention they deserve – not that they seem to be bothered by this.”

Vol V – K5 (AUS):

K5 features Zeb Olsen of Matrimony (Kill Rock Stars) who also played in Viva Knieval with Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill). K5 Features Nicole Tadpole of RRR’s Respect The Rock.

“The determination of this band is off the charts. They have well and truly had enough of your shit and forge ahead with zero consideration for what you think about it. Deal with it.”

Vol VI – Nunchukka Superfly (AUS):

Nunchukka Superfly is the “Other band” from Blackie and Ray from legendary Australian punk rock stalwarts Hard-Ons.

“Probably the band we rip off (or at least attempt to) more than any other. The contribution Blackie and Ray have made to music over the last four decades is impossible to overstate or accurately measure. They are always thinking three of four moves ahead while we’re still trying to get our heads around their last release.”  

DEAD – Burn Us Clean is Out March 2024


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