5 Questions with Kory Clarke

Interview by Chelf


You’ve been described as the last of your kind. Define your kind?

Better than Axel lol. Real Rock from the 70’s, 80’s 90’s 2000’s….There are not many authentic lead singers left in the world that are called Front-men.


You embody the perfect metal/punk/hard rock amalgam. All contradicting genres which usually refuse to coincide. How on earth do you do it, successfully, for so many years?

I stay true to my influences and refuse to compromise. I do pure rock. I find it interesting to mix the genres. I have done spoken word poetry albums, I have done a lot outside of what could be considered straight up rock n roll.

Pick your poison. What’s your vice?

What do you got? I don’t smoke weed or do heroin but everything else is go but double margaritas in Detroit will do just fine.

Do you cook? And if so, do you also sing while you are at it?

I love to cook especially for many guests. I think I stand out with my fish dishes and vegetables. I drink heavily and listen to Cuban fold music while doing it

You wanna come over?


Yes please. But you will probably kick me out when you find out that I’m vegan. Music-wise: tell us about one thing that you are looking forward to? 

I am recording the new album already, massively in place. Just did a great session in Chicago which through the magic of performance I think it will be as good or better than the last record.  The material sounds very strong, some a little bit more down tempo for part of it than ‘Back On The Lash’. I get to play drums on this album on almost all the tracks which is always exciting to me..

  • Kory Clarke started the band on a bet from a promoter at New York City’s Pyramid Club, after a solo performance art show called “Kory Clarke/Warrior Soul”. Clarke was determined he would have the best band in the city within six months.
  • Nine months later he signed to Geffen Records, with a multi album deal.
  • In addition to his musical output, (and culinary skills apparently) Kory Clarke is also known for his radical outspoken original paintings.
  • He had an art exhibition in Edinburgh,  in 2015 and then 3 more art exhibitions in 2016 in Sweden, USA and Italy.
  • He once claimed that “Hardcore wrecked everything. Punk was fun until everyone turned into skinhead — whatever that was.”
  • He’s written poetry and spoken word diatribes.
  • He was originally a drummer for a number of bands, including Detroit punks L7


Images and Interview by Chelf.

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