Describing themselves as a “multicultural metal band that is making powerful, heavy music with sincere, soulful, and deeply touching lyrics,” I think there is just a bit more going on here. They are based in Cyprus, yet hail from five other different parts of the globe. Singing in English and Russian, mixing several musical styles, Cynik Scald brings a lot to the table. With their latest release Aged Spirit, perhaps they ARE the table. I’ve been enjoying their music immensely and recently had the opportunity to ask them a few questions. We wish them all the best.

1. Ivan (Russia) Founder, lead vocalist, songwriter, and composer.

2. “Death” (Nevada, USA) Keyboards, harmonica, backing vocals

3. Kazuchiza  “Kaz” (Japan)  guitar

4. Azra  (Turkey)  guitar

5. Jean  (France)  bass

1. Greetings from Metalheads Forever and Colorado! How are you?

Hey, brothers!

Cheers from Russia, Nevada, Cyprus, Tokio, and Stambul!

We are really great today! This 2020 year was absolutely outstanding for our band. We recorded 3 new songs, got many new fans. We made the collaboration with one of the most famous power-heavy metal vocalists, Urban Breed in the English version of “Storm”. We are really proud and satisfied with this collab.

We started work on our video-channel, made 4 lyric videos, and preparing many new songs for our fans this 2021 year. Also, we are going to make an official music video as soon as the lock down will be taken out.

The most important issue for us in 2020 was that our Lullaby was added into 2(!) editorial playlists (Epic and Melodic and New Metal Tracks). We got incredible unexpected success with the latest song “Lullaby”.

2. So… five band members from five countries. Obvious question. How did you get together and how did Cyprus become your home base?

Ivan: Hmm… This is a long story. Many years ago I met “Death” somewhere in Nevada, we traveled on the bikes together for a while. Later, when I launched the Cynik Scald project I invited Death (keyboard) and found Azra – a very talented guitarist and Jeane (bass), which is my old friend since I lived in Paris… Kaz (guitar) found us a few months ago. At the moment I live in Cyprus, a Mediterranian island. Sometimes we meet in Cyprus for a couple of months to record some songs. Here we got an amazing recording studio and almost all our songs are mixing here. Plec at Panic Room Studio is always doing mastering for us.

3. I’ve been listening to Aged Spirit a lot. It’s a masterful melding of genres and languages. What is/was your process for writing and recording? 

Ivan –Thank you for the appreciation of this album. Some songs from it are autobiographical (Angel, My God). This album must be recorded many years ago. It contains many songs from my young age. For example Storm (in Russian) is the first song in my life, it’s been composed when I was 18yo.

In the name of the album, I put this sense, because most of the songs were aged for many years, still keeping their own spirit.

The process of writing is always very spontaneous. For me, the most important and appreciated in music is the melody, even in Metal. I’m usually carrying the idea of a new song in my mind and one day just play it to show to my band. About lyrics, I write it sometimes just on the day of vocal recording between a couple of beers.

4. Ivan is of Russian descent. Thus, a fair percentage of your lyrics are in Russian. Will we be hearing any other languages in future offerings? 

Ivan: Who knows, maybe Kaz one day will surprise us… At the moment only one song-writer we have, I speak Russian and English.

5. The song “Storm” is about a pirate ship battling a fierce storm at sea. You have versions in Russian AND English. I don’t know which one I like better. Tell us how this song came to be. Also, kudos for including the classic “Drunken Sailor” into the mix. ???? 

Thanks… The Storm is a song not about the ordinary battle. The ship was “Queen Anne’s Revenge” – legendary frigate of the most famous pirate “Black Beard”. The battle is epic and the song is a bit pretentious. This song is on behalf of the ship, which is also unusual.

6. Coming from five different countries/cultures, undoubtedly, you all bring something to the table. What is each member’s most unique asset? 

Undoubtedly, each person brings their individuality to the creative process. The most valuable thing is that special mood and drive that arise during the recording. Most of the time we live our lives in different countries. What unites us is the love of Metal music.

7. As a guitarist, (not great, but fair) I am always curious about guitarists in bands. Describe the interplay between Kazuchiza and Azra.  

Each of them has its own unique energy, at the same time they are like two parts of one whole, ideally understand each other and complement each other perfectly. I am happy to have both of them in the band. To be honest, I’m looking for one more Metalcore guitarist in the band…

8. Finally, what is your favorite meal from each of your countries?

Ivan: I like “borsh”, Kaz prefers tuna and salmon nigiri, Azra likes Turkish coffee … Jeane loves to eat) Death – we didn’t see he was eating, only drinking, prefers scotch…

We thank you for your time and wish you all the best. Any parting words for our readers? 

The times we live in now are not the easiest ones. you must remember that in any case, there is a potential for change within you. You need to choose the right path. The right way is to keep pursuing your dream despite the obstacles.

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