The legendary German band of heavy metal came to Uruguay by the hand of El Lado Oscuro Producciones to present “The Rise Of Chaos”, during its South American Tour. Previous to the  show Wolf Hoffmann had the kindness to give us the following interview.

Andrea Bermúdez: First of all thank you for your time.

Next nineteen of November you will be playing in Montevideo, Uruguay for the first time! Which are your expectations for this show and also for your Latin American tour?

WOLF: Nice to meet you, Andrea! We are very much looking forward. All countries we are seeing, have their own fascination and beauty –  all very distinguished characteristics. Only one thing is the same – the FANS! You might have heard – that Musicians are having a hard time to know always where they are. When you travel all your life, this can happen.  Specially when there is no time and all you see is Airport, Hotel & Venue.  I always thought, to understand and know the fans you have to know as much as possible  about their culture and country and that is what most f us like and do.  I am interested in global issues and I am always puzzled, how governments around the world are pointing out the differences between people. I see very little. The needs and dreams are so much alike, no matter where you are. So for me it means a lot, when I look t our fans from all corners of the word and see their happy faces.

Andrea Bermúdez: On August you have published your 15th studio album “The Rise Of Chaos”, how the critics and the fans of the whole world have received it?

WOLF: Very well! And- again we could find our album in the top ten of many charts – awesome

for us! Thank you fans!

Andrea Bermúdez: You decided to work again with Andy Sneap, as well as in other productions, in which way this has benefited the final product?

WOLF: When we met him the first time – he was a stranger and we have been in a long hiatus. He knew everything about us – we nothing about him.  When he left us at the first get-together-he was anything but – as stranger and that has turned into friendship. A great team!

Andrea Bermúdez: Where do you get your main inspiration for the songs on this album or even the entire concept?

WOLF: We are not much into concept albums.  The way how we write songs has not changed since 40 years. When we returned in 2010 we had no other choice, than to do it the way we always did.  And we found out, that this is where we wanted to be, where we felt most secure and when the fans would again give us their support – we had arrived and would never change again. Not changing  – of course – in my opinion, should not lead to stagnation. So my goal has always been trying to better and better. We are very much inspired by the reaction of our fans. That’s where our fuel is coming from and until now, we are pumped up and ready to reach another level… always a struggle, but a good one and – we get rewarded big time. And no better way to feel and enjoy that is, when we are under one roof with our fans. What a love fest that always is …

Andrea Bermúdez: Which song of the new album do you think that represents more the sound that Accept is looking for in these days?

WOLF: As I said, we try to stay in our element. The new area of ACCEPT has been hailed by critics and fans alike – has seamlessly continued to combine the old Classics with the new ones – who are crowned by the fans as ACCEPT CLASSICS. It is not so much us, who are deciding which song that is – it is 100% up to the fans.

Andrea Bermúdez: Can we say that this formation with Christopher Williams (battery) and

Uwe Lulis (guitar) is the best, the more solid that you have?

WOLF: Sorry – I am not really understanding what you are asking. Let me try to answer it, how

I understand you:  The way we work has never changed, mostly because the fundamental

writing process has never changed. Not every musician who has worked with us, liked this.

That is not everybody’s idea… it is very much carved in stone…  When you buy an ACEPT

album, you know what you  get. However, each formation of ACCEPT had their distinguished

characteristics. I can confirm that much, that in a mysterious way – minds and hearts came

together now, in a way we did not have it before and that has nothing to do with  Talent,  but

all with dynamics and charisma. Christopher and Uwe just happen to be great  to be with!

Mark and Peter are with me on this: Great dudes and great shows for all of us and the fans.

Andrea Bermúdez: What did mean for the band to play last August in Wacken Open Air festival, where the fans could see you playing in one of the three parts that consisted this show with an amazing Czech National Orchestra?

WOLF:  A long dream fulfilled. We worked nearly a year on everything and it has been – no doubt about it – the absolute highlight  of my career and I did not take it for granted, that ACCEPT SONGS would go down so well with an Orchestra. By now, we are having so many offers after WACKEN  from around the world, that we are thinking about  to get it on the road. But, honestly, ACCEPT is booked until End of Summer 2018 – we are simply too busy with ACCEPT and THE RISE OF CHAOS TOUR.  Would be nice, if we could pull that off in a “travel version” .

Andrea Bermúdez: In two years will be the 40th anniversary of your first album, are you

planning a special celebration for this occasion?


WOLF: NO, I am not a great fan of these Anniversaries and specially I our case, where we have

so many great bands performing ACCEPT Songs… I live very much in the Here and Now and I

want to use my time to create new music. Of course we will always honor our songs form the

past – love to play them… always!

Andrea Bermúdez: How do you see the metal scene in your country, in which way has

changed since your early days?

WOLF:  The ones after us are changing the world as we changed the world of the ones before us… that is the eternal rhythm of life’s evolution. We are only links in chain…and we paid tribute to the fact with THE LAST OF THE DYING BREED.  We were lucky, that we were able to leave some footprints in the music world

Andrea Bermúdez: Do you agree with most of the metal fans opinion that nowadays, unfortunately, we are attending at the end of the bands that are the main influence for us, and we cross our fingers  wishing that bands like you and other great bands enjoy a good health in music for a long time; because despite that there are new proposals in metal music they do not shake us in the same way?

WOLF: As I just mentioned –  the torch will be carried by the next ones and we should not so

much see it as standing at the end – more being part of the future with all the wonderful things

other left for us to enjoy.

Andrea Bermúdez: Which plans do you have about your solo career, are you working in new

material? We can expect another big album as it was “ Headbangers Symphony” soon?

WOLF: I do not see myself as having a solo career – it is sure a solo project. But, as I said – I can

not focus on that right now, because ACCEPT is keeping me on my toes.  And I will have

another CLASSICAL Album, but not anytime soon. Recently I read that in your spare time enjoy

to listen to classical music, talking about this subject which are your favorite authors?

WOLF:  Many..  the ones I love most I have already presented and there are many, many more I have in my heart! Endless inspiration – that’s for sure.

Andrea Bermúdez: Do you want to add anything for your fans? Thanks again, I wish you the best for this Latin American tour!!!

WOLF:  Thank you! Thank you for giving us the best time in our lives! YOU make us to work

hard – just to be better this time than the last! We need YOU to bring the house down – every

time we are on stage!  Hope to see ya soon!


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