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Formed in 2006 and since the beginning Amberian Dawn has delivered some powerful, thunderous metal music with symphonic and also classical elements, created a world of fantasy for everyone to join in. Fans around the world, 8 studio albums, lots of touring and openings for festivals around the Europe… This band sure knows how to make things happen. Time to find out a bit more… Let’s go !!    

So honored to have this chance to have a moment with You. How are You doing ?

Tuomas: Doing fine thanks !!

Since I just love “history” and I’m very curious… What is the story behind Amberian Dawn ?

Tuomas: Band is formed in 2006 when I and my former band mate, bassist Tommi Kuri wanted to put a new band together. This new band would be based on my songwriting for the first time. We had two bands actually, one with male singer and one with female singer. Musicians were the same in both projects, only the singer was different. We made some demoes with both of those projects but eventually we decided to continue with female singer only. That band was then renamed as Amberian Dawn

How was it from the start… Everything just clicked instantly or was it a real struggle to get noticed and get the attention You surely deserve ?

Tuomas: At first it wasn’t all so clear since we had 2 singers and the musical vision was also unclear for me. It got easier though after we focused on one project only (with female singer) and recorded our debut album. From then it was just full power metal & symphonic metal for 4 years (and 4 albums)..after that we changed our vocalist and we changed musical style too.

You´ve had some, might even say several, line-up changes during the years… In Your opinion is it a good or a bad thing since every new member always brings something new with him or her ?

Tuomas:  Lineup changes aren’t usually a good thing..I think. In our cases there was for example time issues with some band members and some changes were related to personal matters & musical style issues. Eventually we got a working lineup, that’s the lineup with Capri on vocals. Now it’s been 4 albums with Capri and things are looking really good. In every way.

You’ve released 8 albums so far, almost a new one every year and hell of a lot of touring… Have to ask if You know how to relax and just take it easy, and if You do… How ?

Tuomas: For me making music is the most important thing in life and I just cannot get rid of my habit of composing music all the time. I play almost every day and it’s been like it for almost 40 years now…I don’t consider making music as work and I don’t need  vacation from it. So, it’s almost a kind of nonstop music for me 😀 As a composer I still feel that I have something new to give to our fans, I don’t feel like I’ve run out of ideas yet.

 Coming to Your show… What do we have to prepare ourselves for ?

Tuomas: well, we take all of our shows very seriously..but we’re still having fun on the stage. That means giving the full 100 % on every show.

Tell us a little about Your songwriting process… How do You combine all those different elements to a tight little package and where do You get all the ideas and inspirations ?

Tuomas: Many of my songs are based on improvising. I’ll start playing my guitar or keyboards. Usually I get some ideas for a melody or for a chord pattern for example. The idea can be basically anything, really. Most of those ideas I still consider as rubbish and I need to be critical to myself and pick up only the best ideas for working further with.  Sometimes it also happens that I’ll just start to hear a melody inside my head. I can’t explain it.

How would You describe Your music to a guy like me (and to many others like me) who knows about nothing when it comes to labeling bands and their music, putting them in different “genres” ?

Tuomas: It’s hard to describe your own music but I would say that AD’s music is very melodic and catchy. There’s a lot of terms like symphonic metal, power metal, hard rock etc. but nowadays I feel like our vocal melodies are the most important aspect. The instrumental parts were more important to me before, on the time we had our first singer. Since Capri’s been our vocalist, I’ve been concentrating more on vocal matters, melodies, backing vocals etc.

Your latest album “Darkness of Eternity” was just released… How was the reception and what kind of reactions You have  gotten so far ?

Tuomas: Seems like our fans are really liking the album. Also we’ve got a lot of new fans.. obviously. Many of those new fans haven’t liked us before and have been surprised about our new style. But you can’t please everyone of course so there’s also some critical persons too making their public comments. But I think it’s a good thing. All feedback with passion (of any kind) is welcome.

What have been the most memorable, positive, rewarding moments during Your journey and has everything, or almost everything,  gone according to Your plans, hopes and visions during these 11 years so far ?

Tuomas: I think our first European tour in 2008 as Epica’s main support was awesome. We were really young band and we had released only one studio album and still we got a chance to tour a whole month with Epica in Europe. And to share their tour bus & crew. That was almost too much and too fast ?

Where do You find the most loyal fans of Amberian Dawn ?

Tuomas: I cannot name any specific countries but our most loyal fans come and see us  on tour of course.

Year 2017 is just about to be signed, sealed and delivered… How was it for You ?

Tuomas: It was a great year…In the early 2017 we did our first headline tour in Europe and now, in the end of 2017 we released our latest studio album. So, how could be any better than that?

Obviously nothing will slow You down, and the best is yet to come… How does the future look like for You ?

Tuomas: Now we’re taking a little break from everything. In early 2018 we’ll start touring. First we’re taking part in 70.000 Tons of Metal Cruise in US (our first show in US btw) and in early February we’re kicking of a headliner tour in Europe once again. Austrian Edenbridge will co-headline.

Any last words (not literally) to people who are reading this, the Family of MHF, Your fans and Your soon-to-be fans ?

Tuomas: Hope to see you all on tour some day. Check out our latest album and give us feedback !!

Thank You so much.

Tuomas: Thank you Metalheads Forever.


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