A Voice arises from the darkness in Cleveland, Ohio, The Voice Of A Metal Angel, with death defining classical Heavy Metal awesomeness, The rawness, the melodies, the power that mesmerises, On November 17 it marks the official release of Olathia’s long awaited metal album “The Forest Witch” storming the metal community since day one.

Olathia’s music is often characterized as “Power Thrash,” offering a melodic, driving, and purposeful experience that supports storytelling of dark and light themes while fearlessly pushing the boundaries of songwriting and musicianship. Their ability to meld together catchy melodies, heart stopping rhythms and bone crunching chords has given them a rabid fan base in Ohio and throughout the Midwest.

Olathia embodies the heart and passion that defined 1980s Heavy Metal, infusing it with a melodic twist that resonates with the spirit of the metal world today. They draw inspiration from iconic acts such as Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Iron Maiden, Pantera, Heart, Halestorm, and Dio. Yet, what truly sets Olathia apart in the modern Heavy Metal landscape is their extraordinary female vocalist, Chris E., whose versatility captures the emotional essence of their songs.

Their songwriting dives deep into universally relatable themes, including battles with inner demons, the sting of betrayal, the weight of depression, the ache of loss, and the warm embrace of camaraderie. If Heavy Metal runs through your veins, Olathia’s music is the electrifying elixir that promises to deliver the thrilling experiences cherished by dedicated

The band members bring their own unique talents to the stage. Terry “Bull” Johnson handles the bass and contributes menacing backing vocals, delivering a stage performance that’s not to be missed. Joe Lowrie, behind the drum kit, provides metronome-perfect timing with powerful precision. Dylan Andras, with his lightning-quick fingers, unleashes crushing riffs and blistering shredding solos that set listeners ablaze.
Brace yourself for an auditory journey that harkens back to the golden era of metal while pushing the genre’s boundaries into exciting new territories by blending classic influences from both sides of the Atlantic. Olathia is a blazing comet in the metal constellation, destined to leave a lasting mark on the genre.”

It was a great pleasure to have the most amazing and highly talented vocalist Chris E. on the Interview to speak on the Forest Witch album and much more into the future and the road behind. Check out the complete coverage on the below YouTube video.

Track Listing:

The Forest Witch
Who’s The Devil
Last Breath
Satan on My Mind
Hall of the Mountain King

Watch The Video For The Forest Witch Below

The Band

Chris E., vocals
Dylan Andras, guitar
Joe Lowrie, Drums
Terry Johnson, Bass

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