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I know the band started in 2007 as Langona, disbanded, and reformed as Angona. Can you tell us why this occurred and list the current members?

Due to education and work our band members went to different cities. Because of this, we had to disband. After about a year, we came back with a new music style. Since we changed the style we wanted to change the name as well.
Current members are:
Vocals- Utku ARSLAN
Guitar-Gokhan AK
Guitar-Oran TOPARLAK
Drums-Utku YADA
Bass-Akif Inam
Keyboard-Emrecan OZKALAY

Originally the band had a melodic death and thrash sound. On your EP “Tanzimat” you are using an orchestra and native instruments. How did this sound come about? Also, what would you label your music style?

Yes. We wantedangona1 to try a new sound. Actually this thought was always in our minds during the Langona time. We want to mix Turkish music with metal for a new sound. We call it Symphonic Alaturka Metal.

What inspires the band’s songwriting? Is it a collaborative effort or is there a principal writer?

We write songs about our life experiences. Some songs tell stories of our lives. We write songs together as a band.

How did the name Angona originate?

 Angona comes from a snake living in Black Sea region of Turkey.According to legend, this animal lives without harm to animals. It was considered cursed by people who harm animals.Langona is the same meaning as Angona.

The band is from Turkey. What is the music scene like there? Are there a lot of fans and venues to play?

Unfortunately, the metal scene in Turkey is not as good as other countries. Metal music is not very popular here. There are local bands and venues, but not many.

What is the bands future? Any new albums or tours planned?

We have just released a single. We are thinking about a tour for local and overseas countries. We have not decided on dates yet.angona 2

Who are the bands that influence you or inspired your sound?

 Main influence is Turkish music. In addition, we listen to bands like Pantera, Metallica and Killswitch Engage.

Is there anything you would like our readers to know about Angona?

 We would like to thank Metalheads Forever and the magazine for supporting us.

Carole Bonner

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