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inter1252016 seems to be shaping up as a pinnacle year for Another Lost Year with this summer’s release of Alien Architect debuting at #8 on Billboard (Regional Heatseeker) charts. Where were you guys when you first heard that you placed on Billboard and how did you celebrate?

Adam had actually texted me on a Friday and told me to check my email. I was like blah blah blah like always but this time I actually checked it. It was from billboard. It said we MAY chart, I called Adam and he was like I checked the email it’s legit. I had no idea. We figured like 1,999 or something and it came in at #8. I almost crashed the van. We definitely feel like we’re making our way in this crazy world.

You have mentioned enjoying writing on the road, and on Alien Architect quite a bit of improvisation that took place in the studio ended up on the album. Do you feel this method of writing adds to how lively the album sounds or possibly lends a sense of sincerity to the music?

I think it kept it fresh. Always evolving with the daily grind. Going in writing mode and out into real world playing and experiencing and then right back to writing mode is something we’ve never done. And we did it for weeks at a time. It was very liberating. It was exactly what was happening in that moment.

You’ve announced The Budz are Back in Town tour where Artifas and Source will be joining you as supporting acts. Can you tell us more about the show and what we should prepare for?

Chaos. It’s just straight up rock. We jam. They jam. It’s a jam sandwich.

Alien Architect opens up with a wake-up call to Americans and then leads into the first track “Wolves” which perpetuates a feeling of urgency. Is there any one message you hope people will take away from your album?

We’re in a fragile state. Election year is upon us. It literally has no political ties, but I do hope people start to be a little more aware of anything. Something. Anything. People are so oblivious to most issues. And that’s what I hope. And that we actually discover aliens.

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