Interview by Gothik Divaa

How is the metal scene in Dubai?


Ashish: While the metal scene as a whole is rather small, there is a devoted fan base. We owe a lot to them as well as the other bands here – there is genuine comradery. There is a lot of talent here, but the lack of a platform is a massive problem.


You´re apparently a young band, you currently have been together for 6 years,  how has this time been like?


Ashish: Yes, we’ve been together since 2012! And it’s been an amazing ride. All the members have had previous experience in other bands and projects – so handling so many different opinions wasn’t a new experience for anybody. The chemistry in the band was obvious right from the very first song we composed, and we knew we found something special.


I know that you are made up by diverse cultural backgrounds like Syrian, Armenian, and India  so how have these cultural diversity enriched the band?


Ashish: I think the diversity has definitely helped. It is an enriching experience to learn about other cultures and points of view – and in fact it is reflected in the music we compose as well. It pushes us outside of our usual ways of thinking, and that’s usually a good thing. It has also had a strong effect on the topics of our songs.


In particular these kind of cultures call my attention and even more in the metal scene… so 4) I would like to know how is the creative process in the band?


Ashish: We never put rules on the our creative process, we let it happen naturally. The only criteria for musical ideas was a) whether it sounded good, and b) whether it served the spirit of the song. So if you listen to the album you’ll hear hints of many, many different styles of music and genres. I think this sort of creativity happens naturally when you let 5 musicians collaborate in a constructive way. We’re not trying to sound like anybody or be like any other band – we are happy being ourselves, and that’s enough to achieve this unique sound.

On the other hand, why did you named your album “A Thousand Echoes”?


Ashish: The title track of the album is ‘Land of a Thousand Echoes’, so we shortened it to ‘A Thousand Echoes’ as our album title. I believe the meaning of this title is ambiguous and open to interpretation. We have 5 members and 5 different interpretations for this title.

To me, I have a philosophical take on this – it means that the message and core meaning of our album: ‘greater understanding’ and ‘human compassion’ are part of a movement. And our songs are just one echo. There are others in this movement who echo the same message in their own way.


What are the topics of your lyrics?


Ashish: Our songs are about what’s really happening in this world, and it’s straight from the heart. 3 of the band members grew up in Syria and have experienced the heartbreak and cruelty of war firsthand, as well as the triumph of the human spirit – and this album reflects these experiences.

We are not singing about vikings, dragons and the other stuff that seems to be the staple of some metal bands nowadays. People who buy this album will know they have something truly unique and genuine. These are human stories.


What is your favorite song in terms of lyrics and melodies?


Ashish: I really enjoy the melodic structuring of ‘ Land of a Thousand Echoes’. The composition I am most proud of is ‘At the End of the World’


Which one do you consider has been your most outstanding performance in your last tour and why?


Ashish: One of our best performances was at the Battle of the Bands here in Dubai to get a chance to play at Wacken. We won that show, but unfortunately didn’t make it to Wacken because of reasons.


And finally…


 What is  next for the band once you finish promoting this album? what are your plans for the future?


Ashish: For the band – a bigger audience for our music, because I genuinely believe our music has a message worth hearing. For everything else – peace.

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