Black Mirrors Interview

By Shibalika Tamuli

Well, even though Belgium doesn’t have much nomenclature regarding rock apart from the mighty death metal giants Aborted; “Black Mirrors” – with the gorgeous Marcella Di Troia, guitarist Pierre Lateur, bassist Loïc Videtta and drummer Edouard Cabuy from Brussels – is the band that has emerged to take over the hearts of millions with their “Funky Queen” -ish style.
Signed to Napalm records, they had released their first video, which definitely was a blast. It’s the kind of track I’d want to play along on a road trip – full of energy and well, the classic rock vibe that just hits you hard. Let’s get to know the rising rockstars from Belgium to know what the upcoming one will be like!

Welcome to Metalheads Forever Magazine, how’ve you been?

Very good!

For a start, your last album was such a blast. Congratulations.

Thank you! 🙂

Tell us about your home scene. As in, the Belgium scene doesn’t seem to have enough rock and metal acts, what’s your take on that?

Actually, there are plenty of good rock bands in Belgium but for any reason they are not known outside of Belgium! As a rock band, it is very difficult to get airplays on national radios because it is not mainstream… People, at least in Wallonia, where we come from, are more into Electro-pop and pop music. So, unfortunately, rock bands don’t have the promotion they deserve.

How did the band form?

Marcella: At first, I wanted to create a female rock band. So, I started to play with two girl friends of mine who played drums and bass. I was searching for somebody who had Pierre’s technique and sound but I couldn’t find a woman who could do it at that time. So Finally, Pierre joined the band to play guitar. After some jamming, we wanted to work harder and to start to write our own songs but my friends didn’t have time to invest in the project. We invited two old friends, Gino and Edouard to join the band as bass player and drummer. We had quiet a lot of changes in our line up after that… now we are playing with Loïc Videtta on bass, he has a really cool vibe and energy!

What do you guys do apart from music?

Marcella: Pierre and I are teaching in a music school!

Any stories behind the band name?

It is related to the well-known british series called Black Mirror, which shows how technology progressively changed our world. Curiously, people are more distant to each other by being connected to the virtual world. It touches us. Even if we have to be part of all this, it’s scary.

How did Napalm Records come to pass?

During summer 2015, we were invited to play in Germany at «Out and Loud» festival.

The festival opened with a Napalm label night. Some of Napalm’s bands played there and they found us a slot to play. That was our first contact. We stayed in touch with them for a year and we sent them our new songs. They liked it and Napalm offered us a deal.

Well give us a bit of insight about your new album, what’s coming up for your fans this time?

Our new album is the result of all our personal, musical and spiritual experiences we’ve went through during the past five years. It’s very song-oriented as we believe that ‘melody’ is the most important element in music. We dug into every aspect of what we enjoy in music, from straightforward heavy Rock songs to very intimate, groovy or acoustic tunes.

We are really excited to finally share these songs with our fans!

Like the last one, the artwork of your upcoming album by Sebastian Jerke is pure mind-blowing. What’s the symbolism inside?

It shows a woman who leaving her body, ready to explore another state of mind. The portal is a mirror which is settled in the backrest of her throne. We invite you to explore another state of mind by listening to our songs, just Look Into The Black Mirror!

Tell us about Gunther Kimmich. Looks like you guys are very much in love with black and white.

Yes, actually, we love Sebastien Van Malleghem’s work very much! He’s a friend of us, a super talented photographer. If you don’t know his work, you should definitely check this out!

The title “Günther Kimmich” pays tribute to our german audience who have been the first to believe in our music and welcomed us with open arms! But the song lyrics doesn’t have anything to do with the title. It’s about someone who always lived his life according to other’s opinion and rules. Despite this, he felt like if it was never enough to those people. So finally, he listens to his reason, telling him to follow his heart screaming for thrilling experiences.

Thanks alot for talking to us and all the best of luck for your new album. Leave a message for your fans!


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