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We had the Pleasure and honor to Interview the legend Blaze Bayley, he has worked with amazing talents and well known for his tenure with Iron Maiden, On behalf of Metalheads Foreve Magazine I Spoke to him over Skype, A Gentleman and amazing person he is, Please support him by Buying his music and meeting him in the concert, he is a Fan’s man, he loves his fans and they mean everything to him.

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, It’s a pleasure and honor to Interview and thanks so much for giving us this opportunity, how is things at your end?

Thanks Very much, I’m doing well.

“Infinite Entanglement” was released earlier in March this year, can you tell us how Successful this album has been in terms of sales and fan rating?

I’m an Independent and underground band, So I really don’t know how successful I am, but the fans loved it and they said this is the best album Since I became a solo artist.

Please tell us what is the “Infinite Entanglement Trilogy” is all about sounds, like a Star Wars Trilogy to me?

It is actually a three sets of Album, Part 1 was released earlier this year and the Second one is almost done and it will be available earlier in 2017, you can also pre-order and buy it from And the third one is expected towards the end or early 2018.

If I’m not wrong this is your second Concept album after 2002’s Tenth Dimension, I see a lot of Concept albums from bands lately, what could be the reason for going on a concept album?

My First album Silicon Messiah is partially a Concept album, based on Science Fiction and Tenth Dimension is a complete Concept album. It’s basically “A man who is in search of immortality”, Infinite Entanglement is completely based on the book I’m writing, and I will publish this book after the Third of Infinite Entanglement in 2018.

There was a 4 years break from the previous album “The King of Metal” what was the reason for such a long break?

I had a very hard life, mental Illness and I went through depression, and I had a huge support from friends and fans and I Slowly got over it and then came this new album Infinite Entanglement and the book written by me, it is a Science Fiction Saga, this helped a great deal in my transition from depression and some of the other issue. This whole process was very therapeutic.

“The King of Metal” is an album that is dedicated to Bayley fans and to the fans of metal music, no other bands has ever done something like this, what made you do this?

I’m a very small Independent, Underground music band, I’m totally supported by my fans, I’m known popular because of my time with the amazing band Iron Maiden, I had a huge Success in my time with them. The album “The King of Metal” is for the fans, because Metal music is created by them, If they are not there, there will not be metal music, If you listen carefully you will know, that You are the King of Metal but it was wrongly Interpreted that I’m the king of metal, but the fans of metal are the real king of metal, Without them there will be no metal.

You are more of a fan based Singer, I have never seen you just take the stage perform and go, you were always keeping the show alive, talking to the fans even while you perform and there is happiness and laughter and the fans go home happily, how satisfied are you on the things you do for the fans?

I always say thanks to the fans, they spend their money they buy my merchandise, I’m here because of them, so I always say this to them, and I always do meet and greet for free, I spend a lot of time with them for that. The only time I will not do this is either if I’m Ill or I’m late to catch a flight. I will only accept to the promoters for the concert if there is a meet and greet.

I have seen you give much Importance to the fans, media and other things come next, this is really amazing thing for any band to do, why do you do this to the fans, do you really think that can make a difference for the fans and in their lives?

I really don’t know if I do any difference in their lives, but I feel connected to the fans, because they support my music and they are part of my project.

Could you please share with us the best moment, the most memorable one in your life?

I don’t know, but there are a couple, when I was with Wolfsbane, I met Ronnie James Dio in Los Angeles, he was in the studio and it was an incredible moment. Secondly during the Virtual XI Tour in Phoenix, AZ, Ronnie James Dio was supporting us and every time he comes backstage I will be around him and we talked a lot and he was the most incredible man I have ever met in my life.

The band has a new line-up for “Infinite Entanglement” what is the reason for this big change?

I don’t have a band anymore, I’m independent, I Collaborate with a lot of musicians, mostly with the band Absolva, you need to check this band, they are so amazing, Chris Appleton is an amazing guitarist, I’m so happy to work with them.

You’ve been singing for more than 30 years and have made a huge contribution to music, do you have any suggestion or advice for the new generation, who wants to get into music?

My advice is don’t get into music, Get a Proper Job, The music Industry is full of deception and full of Lies and of Sharks and Snakes, don’t fall into this Music business people, but if you are driven by the love of music, learn the technologies and Software and do it on your own, there are lot of tools like Pro and Garage Band. Learn them like you learn a guitar or Piano or Vocals.

The time when I was in a band, People don’t buy your music if you are an Independent Artist, they will think that this band or guy is not good enough to get signed to a recording company. But things have changed now, People buy your music because they know what you are capable of, music reaches people much faster these days. So make it on your own. I Love Singing and it’s my life, when you are on your own, you get a lot of creativity inside of you, the more creative you are, you will find the truth in your music and it will get you emotionally and get the feeling of music inside of you. Try and be your own person, I have a lot of hardships, I was divorced twice and after I Was out of Iron Maiden, I don’t know what to do and I even had to find a day Job to live a life, I went through mental depression but music changed it all over the years. I Love to sing and that’s what I do.

We have seen lots of changes in Metal music since the early 70’s till date, what does the future hold for metal music according to you?

I don’t know what would be the future, we really can’t for see it, and I really thought heavy metal would have died long time back, or it would have been so small like Jazz music. But it was not the way it happened. Things go in Circle and come back again. As long as we play music from the hearts, music is going to live, there are thousands who wanted to get on stage and do what I Do. Being honest there is nothing so great like heavy metal and it should live forever. The most important thing is Stay out of drugs and Shots and be dedicated to the music you make.

Thanks again for the time and patience for answering my questions, I wish you all the best in the coming days, do you have a message for the fans who will be reading this globally?

A huge huge huge thanks for the fans around the world, Thanks for your loyalty over the years and for your support. Thanks again for this Interview, We will see soon.

Keith Clement / Metalheads Forever Magazine

Owner of METALHEADS FOREVER and Co-Owner/Writer for Metalheads Forever Magazine/Media Corp.


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