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Carach Angren (Translation : Iron Jaws) is probably the most popular trio of storytellers in the worldwide metal scene right now; hailing from Landgraaf, Limburg, Netherlands. These rising superstars and their band have been a favourite among our black metallers since the very beginning and there’s no denying of the fact that they brought the symphonic black metal scene to the next level.

Even though they’re currently busy touring, I’m eternally grateful to them for taking; a moment of their precious time to sit and talk with me. Let’s begin: It’s always been a thing of discussion among fans regarding the band’s genre. I know some of you guys put up real serious fights over social media regarding this. So I asked him what his take was, about the genre categorising and his views on bands like “Cradle of Filth: and “Dimmu Borgir”, and the “Kvlt fans”, of course!

Ardek : The initial Black Metal movement from the early nineties is something totally different both musically and culturally. It’s comparing two different things and judging one over the other, makes no sense to me. Those bands developed something fresh and they have done a great job. Likewise bands like us keep on developing and that’s how thing should and will always go if you ask me. Generally people have the tendency to resist change, so that could explain some of the hatred. Also, the bands you listen to in your teens get hard-wired into your brain, so you will always love them. It’s like thinking about childhood memories. It’s in your system and when you grow older you tend to keep going back to that I think.”
He continues, “I don’t like the term “Symphonic Black Metal”. I don’t know what it means, it can mean anything. We are Carach Angren and we tell horror stories through music. Every band is different.

Now, as we know, Carach Angren and their horror story telling frenzy is what sets them apart – from other extreme acts, and it’s the very reason they’re so loved worldwide – making them an extreme metal giant in no time. Quite another exception about the band is, their lack of Satanic Imagery. So I asked him about his views on Satanic content. His response here is quite an elaborated one.

frftArdek : We all grew up with what one could call the first wave of black metal bands, then the theme of Satanism and anti-religious lyrics was something extraordinary and powerful. We were really into some of the bands as fans but with Carach Angren we always focused on telling horror stories through music that is much broader and less limited. So, we are a different band in a different era. Also we don’t have any political nor religious message in our music. We don’t want that. We want to give people art, through our albums and performances. I think that’s what people want and what they deserve: A break from everyday life. That’s what we want to offer them and we will keep working super hard to keep doing it. The initial black metal bands also came off distanced to their fans, because of course they started out in an era without social media. I think it had its charm though, especially looking at what is going on right now to be honest. Sometimes I feel the social media thing is a bit too much. The same goes for crowdfunding. I think the idea is good, to offer people something in return for a donation. I was part of some campaigns as a composer for short films so it got me work. But for me, as a musician, an artist, I don’t want to “burden” the fans too much with what is going on behind the scenes. I feel that the fans deserve the best possible art we can create and I am beyond grateful that they spend their hard earned money on a ticket, CD or t-shirt. Some bands are putting out constant messages out about how they are struggling in the music industry etc. etc. I don’t like this. To me it’s like commercialising your own “suffering”. It feels wrong.

So true and relatable, right? He’s such an interesting person to talk to! Now that we were done with the theme of our interview, here’s a little bit about their upcoming album : “There is some innovative stuff there too. I won’t reveal anything about the story yet but it will be haunting and the story will have many layers again like Where the Corpses Sink Forever.”

So Carach-heads, hold your horses for this time. The band has a very busy schedule, I know you want more, so we’ll be talking to them again, very soon (I hope).

Now, for more interviews and chats with your favourite bands and artists, stay tuned with the biggest metal army in the universe! Until next time, keep rocking! Meanwhile watch this video of Carach Angren’s “When crows tick on windows”. Enjoy!

by Shibalika Tamuli

“Carach Angren – When Crows Tick On Windows”

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