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Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine Dariusz “Daray” Brzozowski, how are you today?

Thank you very much. All good here. I’m extremely busy. I’m on tour right now, with my band called HUNTER, also working with DIMMU BORGIR on setlist and preparing for upcoming tours and festivals, working on new songs with DANTE, plus I have some studio sessions and drum clinics. There’s a lot of work.

You have started a new band called Dante can you tell us how it all began?

Few years ago, one of the polish famous theaters invited Lucas (the singer of Dante) as main character to an act „Our Hell” based on Dante’s Divine Comedy. The band is a natural consequence of this story. And in social media we called the band  „Dante News” because this is not only a band name. It’s a warning. Modern world is build on news. And Dante saw all nine circles of hell, and he found same shit on Earth. We are his voice.

Is it a side project for you aside of Dimmu Borgir? What are your plans for Dante?

I don’t want to call it a side project. I just wanted to play in the band without any pressure related to the release the album or upcoming shows. We do what we do, we have fun, there is no rush, we can focus on the music. We’ve released two songs now, one video clip and the response is very positive. People are very surprised. They didn’t expect that. This is a huge energy and motivation for us to do more songs and to start play some shows. We enter to the studio in May to record whole album.

How is the sound of Dante, are we going to get a feel of Dimmu Borgir?

It’s totally different direction. It’s more organic, more hardcore, you can hear old school thrash/death metal from early 90-ties, sometimes is inspired by “Killing Joke”. We try to mix our feelings and emotions, we don’t forget about our roots. We remember very well, what built our musical foundations.

You are considered one of the best extreme drummers in the world, Can your fans expect more brutality in Dante?

Thank you very much. Dante is very brutal and heavy but at the same time is very dynamic, dramatic and harmonious. From the drummer’s view, there is a lot of blast beats, double pedals, generally brutal beats. But there are also many moments, that I have to play very soft and smooth. I want to show you, that I can connect two different worlds.

What does the other members of Dimmu Borgir thinks about your project, have you showcased some of your material with them?

Honestly, I didn’t have time to show the Dante. Every time we see together we have a lot of work to do and there’s no time for other things. A few days ago Shagrath and Silenoz  were on the press tour in Warsaw , and we had only time for dinner together, and we talked only about plans for upcoming Dimmu Borgir’s tours.

There is also a German Progressive metal band called ďDanteĒ donít you think it will be a bit confusing? do you have any plans to make some changes in the name in the future?

Let’s see who’s the real Dante 🙂

Last September (2017) you entered the ALPHA OMEGA Management roster, as individual artist, why this choice?

This is a an honor for me to be part of ALPHA OMEGA Management. It was simple and obvious choice for me. I’ve known Alex Azzali for many years. We’ve done a lot of things together. We recorded together a lot of albums, we did some tours and drum clinics. We are real friends, not only on facebook :). They’re doing great and very professional job. They have a lot of great artists. What more could I want?

Thanks so much for your time and giving us an Interview, do you have a message for your fans around the World?

Thank you very much to my fans, that they were always believed in me. I’m here to do the greatest job I can, and give people the experience of hearing my best playing on drums. See you all at the shows.

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