Dead Cross by Keith Clements

Dead Cross is an American hardcore punk and heavy metal supergroup formed in Southern California.

The Band:

Michael Crain (Retox) – Guitars

Justin Pearson (Retox) – Bassist

Dave Lombardo (Slayer) – Drums

Mike Patton (Faith No More) – Vocals


We had the privilege to Interview the band’s Bassist Justin Pearson, Their debut is scheduled for August 4 release, let’s hear from the band.


Good afternoon Justin, How are you doing today?

Hi Keith, I’m doing well, thanks mate.


Your debut album is scheduled for August 4 release, what’s the status now in terms of release?

We are all set and ready for the release and so excited too.


How did this super group evolve? You and Michael from a Punk genre and Dave Lombardo from Thrash metal scene and Mike Patton from an alternative metal group?

It was during a meeting with the producer Ross Robinson, It was for one of our friends a girl named Poppy Jean Crawford for her session Me, Michael Crain of Retox and Dave Lombardo was there in the recording session and this idea of starting a band came out.


I believe the bands has the roots of Punk and heavy metal, isn’t it?


I guess so, but basically I don’t much care about genre, I just call it relevant.


What was the reason for Gabe Serbian to leave the band?


He was not so prepared to be full time and we were not sure about the future of Dead cross, so he decided to step out of the band and we ended up with  Mike Patton.


How does it feel to work with guys like Dave Lombardo and Mike Patton?


It’s great, I mean I know Patton for quite a while, I always wanted to work on something with him. You know we toured with Tomahawk and he is constantly working on something. We have never worked in a band together and It’s pretty rad working with him and with Lombardo as well. I never imagined being in a band with him and you know I grew up listening to slayer obviously and I’m happy  it all happened. I know initially when I get a call from Ross to work on this band I Was like yeah and totally worked on that.

Why did you choose the name Dead Cross, Is there a concept behind it?


We kind of rushed for a name and Michael Caine and Dave Lombardo were going back and forth trying to figure out names, and we were driving out to Los Angeles for a rehearsal and we crossed this segment where a lot of people died some time ago and then the name of Dead Cross came into the mind and we thought it was a good name.


How did you come up with choosing Mike Patton for the Vocalist Position?


We had come up with couple of people and Patton was one of them and Dave reached out to him and I think Patton was ready to do it. Dave and Patton get along so well and they were sure this will definitely work out with their style and there it goes.


Did you guys get together or this happened in different locations?


The music was written before Patton join the band so we had already got all the songs ready and kind of presented to him like that and that was also the reason he joined as he was like “where is the music” he had practised the vocals from elsewhere, and initially it was in his studio.


Are there any tours lined up any soon?


Initially it’s going to be US only but we have something lined up from August and we will sit and schedule after that.


Justin, Thanks so much for the time you have given us for this Interview, have a great evening.


Of course, Thanks man for the Interview.

Keith Clements/MHF Magazine

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