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It is a pleasure and a hell of an experience to talk with DEMONSEED, a Death Metal band directly from the brutal scene of DFW, Texas. I personally thank you guys for collaborate with Metalheads Forever Magazine and thanks for letting me make this interview and get to know much better about each of you and DEMONSEED.

-First thank you so much for your interest in Demonseed!! It means the world to us!!!

Texas is well-known by its brutal metal scene where bands like Pantera, Hestar and Devourment and many more arised, you guys started in 1997 bringing Death Metal at its most brutal level and high technical execution, how has been the journey since your first appearance and the support from your local land?

-Our local support has been amazing! DFW has the most loyal metal fans. We have fans whose children are fans! Like generations of D.S. Fans!!

Talking about the early days of the band, how did it come to start this musical project?

-Carlos: Richard Diaz (original drummer) and I started playing as a duo at house parties, in the mid 90’s in the Pleasant Grove. We played with bands like Dismal Past and Necromancer. They were from the same area. Rowdy rowdy crowd!!!! Playing slayer, Metallica, Gwar stuff like that, but we wrote originals pretty quickly. Booz Bousson helped us bass for a bit, he actually penned the heavy chorus riff in anatomy of atrocity’s “Liar”. Harold Moose had joined on vocals around that same period. Booz could no longer commit so Harold brought his friend Eric Croson they had played in a band called Imortis together. This would be our lineup we recorded our demo with “sick as fuck Texas death’’, we played with many great bands during that era Cryptopsym Vader, Devine Empire, locally Meatus, Torment Defined, Prophecy, Mortifix, Sintury Bethaven. We played a lot in downtown Dallas, the strip is called Deep Ellum, there’s a bunch of clubs in that area. Harold was replaced by Robert “Whitey” Adams on vocals, he was replaced by Jamie Moore, and later we would add Bobby “Junior”Tillotsn on guitar, this would become our anatomy of atrocity lineup. We recorded the album with engineer Josiah Delgado (Kill The Client) at a little storage shed in mesquite Texas. This lineup remained until longtime drummer Richard Diaz left, he was replaced by Joey “Blue” Gonzalez. We only recorded one song with this lineup ” Minnesota”.

Besides Demonseed, have you been in others types of bands?

-Carlos’ main band has always been Demonseed, Chase and John were both in a local death metal band, Ebola Zaire, Bob was in Blood Stain Carpet and Anthony is in a lot of projects, earlier unchecked aggression, prophecy no souls lost, Cryophogy, as of late Hammerwitch, Life of scars, Alcoholica, Motorbreath. He’s toured with hank3, he’s helped out Warbeast.


I understand that your 2004’s album ” Anatomy of the Atrocity ” was released independently and it was not until 2015 that you were already part of ” Prophecy Records ” when recording your ” Demonseed III ” EP. What is your opinion about the experience of producing your music with a record company vs independently?

-Well with ‘’III’’ it was really only a collaborative effort to get some new material out there, with Lord of the sick, they’ve helped us so much to make sure this is the album we wanted to make. Mad support from our new label. Of course it’s a bit more secure than being independent.

It’s been almost two years since your last material, and now you’re coming with a new album ” Human Disposal Syndicate ”! and this time are working with Lord of the Sick Recordings. How has the writing and production process been for this new album?

-Well we started tracking 2 years ago and in the process of that switched vocalists, it took a bit longer but Chase really dedicated himself and made it look easy to step in and dominate. Before any of this could happen we had to write the album! Which was a feat in itself because none of us had written together. It turned out really well, I had plenty of ideas and riffs and so did bob so guitar wise it was really interesting to feed off of each other. It was definitely a collaborative effort within the band.

Undoubtedly Human Disposal Syndicate is a BRUTAL piece in every sense of the word, it is a sick piece of art with a demonic technical execution, Could you describe to us from your own perspective the sound, the theme of the album that awaits us this December 14th?15417990_1143604429020566_1628096722_o

-Carlos: “Human” in my opinion is the best music we’ve ever written. It’s by far the most technical. We were very careful to pay close attention to the hook. While ‘’Anatomy” was more free flowing theme wise, “human” is more focused thematically. I normally tell the folks that ask that I write love stories. This collection of songs is no exception ;)!

Brutal lyrics that are made to smash skulls and awake the inner brutality of anyone, Who is in charge of the writing process?

-Carlos: I have always written most of the lyrics. But I try and get ideas from everyone about lyric placement.

If you had to choose the name of a serial killer of any movie, which one would represent this album better?

-Oh that’s a great question!!!!! While we give nods to Gacey, Lucas and Manson, the true representation of Human Disposal Syndicate would have to be Gary Ridgeway the green river killer. The sheer volume of his Depravity is staggering. Plus, he went back for seconds!!! Lol!! The title (of the album) is fashioned from a fictitious (I assume) statement Henry Lee Lucas made about an organization of serial killers that sort of helped each other. He called them “the hand of death”. FYI

Do you have any plans on touring soon?

-Carlos: I can’t wait to take this album on the road, but chances are it’ll be smaller more focused dates.

In order for new listeners to have an idea of what awaits them when they listen to DEMONSEED material at the end of this interview, express to them in 3 expressions what awaits them. What can fans and readers expect of DEMONSEED’s live shows?

Anyone that has seen Demonseed live will tell you we are a live band. This is the crux of what we do. If you attend a Demonseed show three things are inevitable; you will have a great time, you will want to get in the Pit, and you will leave a Demonseed fan :)!!!!

Thank you for taking the time to talk with Metalheads Forever Magazine, we appreciate your time and the truth is that in the future we want to know more about your upcoming projects! That been said, any final words you want to share with us?

-Thank you so much for your time and interest in what we do!!!!!! Hails Horns!!!!!


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