DESECRATOR by Shibalika Tamuli

Welcome to Alpha Omega management and regards from metalheads forever magazine! How have you been?

We’re all doing great in Australia, it’s the middle of winter here so life is all about staying warm and writing songs.

For a start I’d really like to appreciate what you have stated as “band interests”. So what do you do outside of the band by the way?

Due to Desecrator touring a lot over the last few years I have had to jump jobs a few times and have done everything from working in music shops to driving tow trucks but I spend most of my time working on my two old V8 cars when life and money permits.

Tell us about the early days. How did to get into Thrash? What bands were your favourite?  

I’ve been into thrash for pretty much as long as I can remember. Like many people Metallica was my introduction and once i heard ride the lightning for the first time i knew that this was my new home. As I got older in high school I found Slayer, Forbidden, Destruction and a bunch of other bands like Flotsam and Jetsam and Heathen so I guess I’ve always been into the genre.

So did you guys know each other from the beginning?

Not at all man, this is the second line up of Desecrator and all members were found or turned up as part of a search for the right guys to play the songs that had been written. I am very fussy when it comes to musicianship but I am even more so in regards to personality so a big part of finding the right members was making sure we could all relate to each other.

Define “A Backwards sounding forward movement into THRASH”.

That’s our sound man, it’s a tricky sounding way of saying that we are a current day representation of music that we love that arguably peaked a long time ago.

Tell us about “To the Gallows”. What was the music making process like?

To The Gallows was a long time coming for us, Desecrator has always been a live focused touring band so not a huge amount of time was ever set aside for the studio. We felt that this worked well for us though because it allowed us to write songs and develop them as we went along and even road test a few on stage to see how people reacted.

What’s the overall theme of the album?

No theme, just Thrash haha

Tell us how Thrash is a verb?

I love that one man, it’s such a simple message. Thrash is a verb, it’s an action it’s a doing word. To us our genre is such a fun and energetic place and I think if you aren’t moving then something is wrong.

So you guys have toured big time with such huge bands, how do you keep the energy up?

Apple’s man, with two coffees! oh and coffee.

Anything interesting you’d like to share with your fans?

Well To The Gallows is pretty readily available digitally and physically so if anything I’d like to share recommend it with everyone who has a set of ears and a head to bang

What are your upcoming plans?

I’m going to start by eating dinner, after that who knows but trust me it will be big hahaha

Any word of advice for the “New wave of young Thrashers”?

Don’t wear comfy shoes and don’t give a fuck what other people think.

Tell us about your experience with Alpha Omega management.

Alpha Omega have shown a really really good understanding of where we wish to take Desecrator in the future and we look forward to seeing it put into action

Thanks a lot for talking to us!

Shibalika Tamuli/MHF Magazine

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