by David Maloney

Dominia are a Russian Melodic Death Metal band formed is Saint Petersburg, Russia in 1999. Dominia’s boast a unique sound all their own, based on classic music traditions.The Catchiness of Melodic Death with the Melancholy of strings and the Symphonic Keyboards and the leading Violins, makes for a experience in sound that is very unique and quite amazing and takes one on a journey with each catchy riff and exploding intensity, bringing you back to Earth with tear jarring sweeping empathy. It’s indeed a musical ride of a ferocious attack and intensity only to then bring you to your knees with soul searching pain and gut wrenching sadness. This is Dominia, Let’s begin.

Hello Dominia and welcome to Metalheads forever Magazine, how are you guys doing? Can you tell us a little about the band? I’m sure you heard this question a thousand times , but I feel it needs to be explored to capture the true essence of Dominia and what goes into such a wonderful unique sound. Who leads the band in such a special and I use that word again unique direction? Is it a collective effort? Or more of an Individualized process?

Anton Rosa: Hey there! All just fine. Hope you also feel good! We are from Saint Petersburg. We play melodic death metal with symphonic, gothic and doom death metal elements. We are 17 years old and we are still alive, this was my idea. I mean I was dreaming to have good violin player in my band and the Universe sent us Casper. But when he became our member he became one of the ideological leaders of Dominia. In general, Casper and me, we compose all songs and we always work together. I write harmonies, he writes melodies. Just like that. I create carcass, he builds flesh…

How do you guys feel about the Labelling of bands , the Genre mongering? You are described as having multi-sounds and influences, is that fair to say? How does this label affect the band’s success moving forward? I’ve read in some circles, Record labels like having bands lumped into categories or Genres for the so purpose to market bands so they can generate interest to each niche. Then there are some who would go as far as to say that it’s all a muse to help record companies to make more money from bands with certain identities. Is that fair to say as well? Especially with a band like Dominia, who don’t have one defined Genre but a combination of several. How does this affect the band moving forward? and how would it affect the band from having a major label signing you? Respectively.

Anton Rosa: You know, it’s a good question, but I can say that we don’t care anymore about any major labels, they say we are Russians… that’s why they don’t want to work with us… Is it ok? They respect our professionalism… Fuck this shit… They just watch at us like we are some fucking idiots or terrorists… I’m saying the truth. Now we are playing what we want to play and we will play what we want to play. I don’t care what money makers think. We were always the band who writes music from it’s soul… But if some respectable label gets interested in us, without any prejudices, we are always opened, we are people, who have aims, who want to have success. But you must believe in us. You must hear our music, and fuck the policy…

The band as released three album’s respectively, one in 2006 called “Divine Revolution”and 2008’s Judgement Of Tormented Souls” the third album called “Theophania” released in 2014. You have new album titled Stabat Mater, coming in 2017. What can you tell us about this?

Anton Rosa: It’s going to be quintessence of Dominia music ideology. To me it’s our best work for now. We listen and read all messages from our fans, we hear and understand all the critical meanings. And we always want not just to do music for ourselves, we write and play music for all who loves and wants it. And we respect people around us. So, we make this masterpiece for you! Eight strong songs are coming…

Dominia was founded in the late 90’s , how as the music landscape changed in Russia since that point in time as opposed to today’s music, as it evolved much from your perspective? What are your thoughts on the current state of the world in terms of Political and religious vantage points? How does it affect the band ? if it does?

Anton Rosa: Well, Russia has changed from 90’s… We were very poor, but problems make people stronger and we’ve found the way to change our lives. It also touched musicians. Now we have good quality instruments, we studied how to record and mix. Many things have changed from bad to good. Experience is everything. But the world has changed too, I think it becomes not better… This political bullshit… People are the same everywhere, we have only different cultures we should respect. And every wise man or woman knows it. Fuck these games… I hate people who hate peace… I hate those who only think about money and personal ego. Yes, it does affect the band. But as I said, problems make Russian people stronger, so we will be fine.

Can you tell us a little bit about your future and what the future may hold, Release date of the new album? Touring? Festivals etc, think we will ever have the Honor of seeing you play in North America? In closing I would like to thank you once more for taking the time to talk with us here at MHF Magazine. Do you have any final words for your fans all over the World? Good luck with all your future endeavors. Hope to talk again very soon.

Anton Rosa: We are still working on our upcoming album «Stabat Mater». I love the songs, I love everything in this material. Its promising… I think people should like it. It’s more melodic death metal album than the previous one, which is more doom and gothic. But it is still Dominia. We have decided to invite a lead guitarist to our band. So we have some new things to show. Touring? We’ll see… We’ll see how the world will change in a half of a year. I like North America, you guys are kind people in general and I would love to come to play for people who live there. We want to share our music everywhere around the world, but we need more support! I’d like to thank you for the questions and I send you and all the fans – Om! All the best and long life to you all and the magazine.

David Maloney/Metalheads Forever Magazine

Owner of METALHEADS FOREVER and Co-Owner/Writer for Metalheads Forever Magazine/Media Corp.


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