DoomsDay Outlaw Interview

By Keith Clement

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, how are you today?


I’m good thanks -very excited with how the year’s going especially now the album is out.


Tell us about Doomsday Outlaw? How did it all begin for you guys, would you like to share a brief history with us?


The guys had been going for a few years with a different singer before I joined. I’m not really privy to what went on there – and can’t say I’m particularly interested – but things weren’t working so they looked for someone new. They found me on a website called Join My Band which is a community for musicians who are looking for bands essentially. I’d given up for a while but decided i wanted to get back into the game, and luckily the guys saw my ad. Within one practice together we all felt that we could do something pretty great together


Suffer Me was released in 2016, how was the overall reaction and outcome of the album?

The response was incredible – in fact it was the response of a reviewer to Suffer More that directly lead to us being signed by Frontiers Music. That’s what brought us to their attention. We released the album ourselves within nine months of me joining the band so to say we were happy is an understatement!

With the release of your new album “Hard Times” being released May 11th, what can fans expect to find inside? Maybe a new direction of  sound as you grow as a band and as individuals?


I think fans that enjoyed the last album will love this even more – but so will people that are just being introduced to us. It was very important to us to come back with something even stronger than Suffer More. We wanted to move forward. That wasn’t easy because we put everything into that first album but I think we’ve really shown in Hard Times that we’re capable of getting better and better. The variety in the album is something that shines through as we we all have such different tastes in music.


Or will it sound much like your previous efforts and stay with a winning formula?


The aim has to be growth, always as a band. There’s no point rehashing the same thing every few years. A lot of people are successful doing that but it’s not who we are.


Are you guys touring currently? and/or will you continue or plan a big tour to support the new album?


We’ve just come of the back of a tour with Jizzy Pearl of Love/Hate around the UK which was incredible. Such an amazing experience to learn from someone of his caliber. Over the summer we have a few festival shows including Bloodstock Open Air alongside the likes of Judas Priest, Gojira and Mr Big.  And that’s going to be followed with another UK run, this time with Graham Bonnet. Moving forward we’re looking to tour again at the end of the year, including hopefully going around Europe.


How do you guys approach going on tour, being in the studio, writing, mixing and mastering is a different animal all together. What do you do to aleve some of the stress and keep fresh and prepared to present new material to your fans? do you slowly work it in or just go balls out and lay the album track for track for them to have it?


It can totally depend what mood we’re in. Some of the best songs have been re-written almost completely in the studio and done in a few takes. But sometimes it takes a few listens to really capture what can make a song go from ordinary to great. I think as long as you all accept that being around each other for those prolonged periods of time is going to mean you will fall out and hate each other sometimes, it’s natural. Don’t let it overwhelm, just take breaks from each other when you need to.


Usually what is your reaction to playing new music live and what is the usual action or reaction of the crowd?


My reaction is always the same: I can’t help but smile because I love it. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t do it. So far people seem to really dig what we do. Hopefully that will continue!

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. Do you have a message for the readers of our magazine and new and old fans all over the world?


My pleasure, I guess it would just be to say thank you. Being on that stage is the best feeling in the world and it’s the people in the crowd that make it that way. Hopefully your readers will get to share that experience with us some day.

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