Dreams in Peril Review/Interview

By Monica Redwine

Dreams in Peril are an up-and-coming band from Kansas City, Mo, and these guys are going to be big, I assure you. The band formed in January 2018 and their debut album, Mephobia, is due to be released sometime after the summer. Dalton Collins, the bassist for the band, told me that Mephobia means “The fear of becoming so awesome that the human race cannot handle it and everyone dies”. I told him I fucking loved that, and he responded, “that’s what we said!”

Dreams in Peril are set to play at the Aftershock on June 8th in Merriam, KS with Volumes and Upon a Burning Body. They have another stop on the Summer Slaughter Tour coming up where they will play with Veil of Maya, Between the Buried and Me, and Born of Osiris, but the date for that show has not been announced yet (I’ll keep you posted once it is announced).

I happened upon these guys when deleting one of Dalton’s posts on Metalheads Forever and I’m really glad I did that now. Dalton proved to be a pretty cool, understanding guy, and it sparked a great conversation about the band. He let me know that they have 2 tracks up on reverbnation.com (I will include links at the bottom for this and their other social media sites). I gave them a listen and I was very pleasantly surprised by these young men! “Placebo” and “Seldom Solace” are the tracks you can listen to and download at no cost, and they really bring it. They are listed as death metal/hardcore/djent, but all I know is their sound is bad ass. “Placebo” starts off and stays hard and heavy, and “Seldom Solace” starts off making you think it’s going to be a bit slower but it kicks in pretty quickly. Just by listening to these two tracks I know that anyone who gets the chance to see them in June will be lucky—I can tell they will have the crowd amped up.

Speaking with Dalton has been really great. It’s easy to tell how passionate they are about their music and how seriously they are taking their careers in the music industry. When I asked them a few questions I was very pleased with their responses:


How did you guys meet and what lead to you forming Dreams in Peril?

Dalton Collins, bassist: We Were all in different bands throughout the years and we all played shows together and one day Myself and Jeff Adkins who were in a band together previously, decided to get together with Josh who had just left a previous band. We just all decided to team up and start something new. Later on, we got together with Demetri and it clicked from day one.

  1. Who are some of your musical influences and favorite bands?Demetri Tsakaris- Vocals:
    1. Deftones
    2.Tool “Anything Maynard”
    3. Dez From Coal Chamber and Devil Driver
    4.Suicide Silence
    5. Marilyn Manson
    6. Lamb of God

    Josh Crocker- Guitar:
    1. Bring Me the Horizon
    2. Suicide Silence
    3. Coal Chamber
    4. Of Mice and Men
    5. Hans Zimmer (Soundtracks for Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Batman Movies 6. Rob Dugan (Soundtrack for the Matrix)

Dalton Collins- Bassist:
1. Whitechapel
2.The Acacia Strain
3. Deftones
4. Veil of Maya
5. After the Burial
6. The Faceless

Jeff Adkins- Drums:
1. August Burns Red
2. Oceano
3. Deftones
4. Job for A Cowboy
5. Tool
6. Lamb of God

What can we expect from the debut album? Is there a message or theme?

Joshua Crocker, guitar: I think they can expect a lot of emotions and a lot of moments.

Jeff Adkins, drummer: Expect a Mix.

Demetri Tsakiris, vocals: The theme is the same concept of the name of our album, Mephobia. It all goes together and how it pertains to life experiences and society.


What can fans expect at a show? Do you play covers or just your own music? 

Jeff, drummer: Covers really aren’t our thing. I think if we did, I would expect it to be a different feel or vision of the song if we did.

Dalton, bassist: They can expect us to be a live wire show. We diffidently bring an energy and throw down every night we play. Whether we play to 2 people or 20,000. We will bring it every time!


Are there other things that influence the sound/lyrics of your music (books, movies, etc.)?

Dalton, bassist: We do take some influence from movies from time to time… Like concepts or ideas. But not in depth really… It’s mostly from life experience. If we find a movie clip that intrigues us or complements the song. We have flirted with using samples from movies. It just depends on the song.

Jeff, drummer: I know I get drum beat ideas when I am at work listening to the machines, I work at a factory where we make car seats… haha so, I will listen at work and tap out a beat and bring it to the practice space.


What do you guys want the fans to know about you?

Dalton, bassist: We are a very humble group of young guys. We are really appreciative of the success we have had and we are pushing to move forward. We want everyone to know that when we are playing. We are trying to give you everything we got to entertain everyone we can. It’s a two-way show… We may be putting on a show for you guys but we are also looking at you guys and it’s a show for us. We enjoy watching the crowd Enjoy what we create. there is nothing more fulfilling than to see someone appreciate something you make.

Demetri, vocals: We are defiantly coming out swinging though, so be ready to see a lot more from us!

I agree with Demetri in that I definitely expect to see a lot more of them. Once you listen to them I have no doubt that you’ll share that same enthusiasm!


Demetri Tsakaris- vocals

Joshua Crocker- guitar

Dalton Collins- bassist

Jeff Adkins- drums









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