dusbHaving been together for about 10 years and growing up in the same area, how do you feel this has affected your relationships with your fellow band mates? Do you feel it has aided in the longevity of the band? Do you ever get tired of having been around the same guys for such a long time or do you all mesh well in personalities?

Well the relationship between the members and the fact that Dust Bolt consists of its four original people defines the band itself for a major part. You know, we’ve been through so much shit and so many beautiful times all together as we started with around 13 years old. We grew up together, got (more or less) responsible adults (at least in some ways – in other ways were still kids and that´ll probably never change), you know – just experienced EVERYTHING together. There are no secrets anymore. Of course we sometimes do hate each other for few hours, but I think nothing can change that band of brothers anymore. Nico and me even shared a living together the last years, so we hung around 360 days a year actually. That’s also how Mass Confusion was created.

Given the fact that your band averages a new release relatively around every two years. Which album sticks out in your mind as your favorite to record or do you not have a favorite? If so, what makes that album stick out in your mind compared to the others? What was your most memorable song to record?

I love being in the studio, being locked away from the world only concentrating on music 24/7 for several weeks. It´s probably the most beautiful time I can imagine. Being somewhere in a basement where nobody sees you or knows about your existence, CREATING something that did not exist before. For that I loved every time we’ve been in the studio, but of course I enjoyed making the latest record most as we had little bit more time than the two albums before and grew as musicians. When we went into the studio for Mass confusion I know exactly how I want everything to sound.

Your band has stood the test of time the better part of 10 years together retaining the same line up. That is pretty rare nowadays, how do you go about the collaboration of new material? Does everyone come to the table with their own ideas and pick and choose what to work with or do you work together to build the songs from bare bones? How is the songwriting delegated amongst the members?

No – I think it´s a rare thing to have four songwriters in a band. The creative part is often stuck to one or two persons. In Dust Bolt, I do most of songwriting and I write all lyrics. But every record does also have few songs and riffs or licks written by Flo ! For Mass confusion it was the first time Nico really took part in the songwriting process as most of the songs were created by jamming together. As I told, we spent a year just going to the rehearsal room every evening having fun and enjoying music, while expressing ourselves through music.

dusbuYou have pretty interesting lyrics that range from corrupt politics to war and disease. Where do you derive your inspiration for your lyrics? Is it a reflection of your own beliefs or a reflection of what is happening in current events as of that time? Who writes the lyrics or is it a mesh of everyone’s ideas coming together?

They are actually not about corrupt politics or war in particular. I think I never wrote a song about war and I never could. It is something I never experienced and I do not want to. I can only write lyrics that relate to myself and my own life. We have a song called Masters of war – but that´s a kind of homage to Bob Dylan´s song which is an anti- war song from the 70ies. I do not sit down and think about lyrical themes or something. The lyrics come to me and reflect thoughts, experiences and things I get angry about. I try to put all that in a story everyone can rely to and interpret the way he or she wants.

I have read you have toured in places like Austria, Slovenia, Romania, Czech Republic and Switzerland. Is there any place that your band would like to tour that you have not had the chance to as of yet? Can we see you doing more regional touring or multi-national touring? Where would your dream tour take you if you could tour anywhere your hearts desired?

Yeah you are right. Currently we are really focusing on central Europe to present the new album, but we´d love to go further and explore the whole world. I want to play anywhere possible! South America would be a big dream coming true and we currently working on it. My personal highlight would be a show in L.A.

Wrapping up, I have seen you have some upcoming events in Austria and Germany. Where can we hope to see you next? Where is Dust Bolt heading from here? Where do you see yourselves in the upcoming year of 2017? Do you have any last words for all your supporters and fans?

So, for the first two months of 2017 were gonna chill and just play one or two shows as some of us have to finish their business concerning their jobs/ studies before we go on the road again. But all I can say is, we really try to make 2017 a year of Dust Bolt playing in places we have not been before. Hope to see you all out there on the road. Come rage with us, let´s start a riot and have a good time. All the best…….

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