First off I would like to thank you for taking the time to speak with us here at Metalheads Forever. How are things in the world of Entrails?

No problems here in the Entrails camp, it’s a calm world nowadays, a few rehearsals coming up soon to bring back the new stuff into our heads again. Couldn’t practice the new stuff as we had shows and could only play the old stuff and we said we doesn’t focus on that until now.

In 1994 half of your line-up decided to move on and do other things and the band officially disbanded, can you tell us what events led to this very early demise?

Back then we were all very young and many of us were looking for our first jobs and also interests changed all the time in some of the heads so it was a natural way those guys moved to other places and doing other things. When living far away from bigger cities and not knowing other musicians it was not easy to continue to have that band who actually turned out to sound rather good after have been better in playing instruments.

Legend has it that Lundqvist found some old ENTRAILS- recordings in a tape collection and in a moment of nostalgia, decided they should be released using modern recording technology and the first incarnation of a Entrails demo to take shape in 2008 – Is that a fair statement? Can you tell us your take on this project and how it came to light?

Well. You almost nailed it in your description.. I was also a bit bored of the music that was being made at that time and I always looked back for the real deal and preferred in listen to that and by that nostalgic feeling and a little help in fixing a recording studio where I could re-record some of the goodies I made back in the 90´s and with help from a friend Jocke was doing the vocals and also wrote some lyrics that wasn’t my cup of tea.. and 2009 the Reborn demo was done and released.

It was officially released in 2009 under the name “REBORN”. After your band’s disbanding and almost 16 years later getting back at it and dropping a demo, this was the most perfect album name. Is this part of the reason behind the album name or is there more behind choosing this name?

No. it was just for that reason that the band was sort of “reborn”…

The Demo was loaded with 10 songs and an intro from original material with only some minor changes in riffing and lyrics – why did you decide to change the riffs and lyrics even if only minor?

There were some parts on the songs I actually couldn’t hear what’s being played on the tapes when re-doing them and also some riffs wasn’t that good so I fixed that to make it more like a finished song. The lyrics were a little bit “off” and didn’t fit the music in the end.

On your second demo “Human Decay”, you covered Dismembers classic “Casket Garden”. Why did you decide on this track to cover? Are you guys big fans of Dismember? What other bands helped carve and influence your style and sound?

Because it’s a damn good song.. One of their best in my opinion.. It has its groove that just makes you bang your head. At least I am a big fan of them, the rest in today’s line up are more into other types..But for the influence to having our sound is more or less all Swedish “sunlight bands” who become really big. Entombed, Dismember, Grave etc were the bands who really meant anything to the sound we have today.

Entrails first full length album was released under the title “Tales From The Morgue”. The album had songs taken from both Demos. Were you happy with the turn out of your first full length album? I read it was mixed and mastered and recorded at the Famous Sunlight Studios, is this accurate? What was the experience like to record in such a special place where a lot of famous Swedish Death Metal bands recorded as well? Did you realize then you were onto something special?

I was truly amazed with the result.. The sound, the feeling, the groove, everything was there. Though it was not mixed at Sunlight. Dan Swanö at Unisound was the place and has been since that album. When I started again in 2008-9 Sunlight Studios was pretty much closed. Rumors said Thomas moved out of the city and nowadays he has his studio in a barn as I do.. and yeah. I was truly overwhelmed by the feedback this beast got so I started to work on album number 2 almost at once. and Tomb awaits was out nearly a year after.

“Raging Death”, your third studio effort, was released in 2013 and “Obliteration”, your 4th full length, was released in 2015. You guys maintain your signature sound and maintain a level of face melting intensity. Do you guys feel you have changed as a band and as individuals since your first release and through your other efforts leading into your brand new full length album “World Inferno”?

I hope not.. Entrails should always sound old and if we don’t It means that something has become wrong and I am the first one leaving. Hard to say about individuals as there have been some changes along the years.. But I try to stay put with the old and early stuff and not become fancy or modern. (Beside digital recording-technology that we use) so I do not hope we have changed in any ways unless it’s even better

What can you tell us about your upcoming new full length album “World Inferno”? What can your fans expect and where can we find you summer 2017?

Nothing groundbreaking new stuff.. We do old school Swedish death metal and that is what is on the new album. Mixed and variety of the material that brings you into a nostalgic feeling and a trip back to when real music was made. haha..

We have a new booking agency and they will work hard for us to find good shows. Unfortunately we will have this summer to be free from shows as we got this agency a bit too late to get a spot in festivals.. But for 2018 it will be more intense and hopefully somewhere in your area.

Thanks once more for taking the time to speak with us and I’m looking forward to your new release and writing a review. All the best to you and your future endeavors, MHF Magazine.

Thanks man! Jimmy

David Maloney/MHF Magazine

Owner of METALHEADS FOREVER and Co-Owner/Writer for Metalheads Forever Magazine/Media Corp.


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