‘Paradigm’ treats listeners to sharp riffs, an explosive rhythm section and powerhouse vocals delivering infectious melodies. Brimming with an uncut attitude & undiluted energy, this single sets the foundation for a dichotomy of frenetic performances mixed with moments of raw emotion and catchy hooks full of rich melodic depth. Channelling influences such as System of A Down & Tonight Alive, ‘Paradigm’ is an impressive debut for Aurateque which has landed them on Spotify’s release radar, Heavy Mag, Total Rock, Belter Radio & more. 

We sat down with the masterminds of Sydney’s nu-punk outfit Aurateque who recently released a deeply personal debut single. 

What’s your name and position in the band?

Lauren, Vocalist. 

Matt, Guitarist

Which genre(s) do you feel best represent your band?

Matt: It’s always interesting to ponder this question. We kinda created our own genre called ‘Nu-Punk’ to try and reflect the band’s dichotomy of inspiration. We’ve taken quite an influence from the rising Nu Metalcore genre, but there’s undoubtedly an element of Pop Punk that lends itself to the energy of the music and also a bit of Mathcore in some of the tracks to follow, as well. It’s a bit of a melting pot.

What was your favorite thing about writing, recording and filming the latest release?

Lauren: Almost everything. The writing process was the most seamless out of all of the songs we’ve written together, so I think that played a big part in the fun and energetic feel of the song. When we produced our record with Steve Balbi, he made small changes to the execution of some parts in most of the songs, but this song, from start to finish, has remained unscathed over the period of writing and recording it.

What is your favorite part about touring?

Lauren: Meeting new people from different cities and connecting with a crowd you’re so unfamiliar with. I also love exploring new places and cute little towns and roadside snacks!!

In an alternate universe where you are not a Musician, what kind of activities would you be interested in?

Lauren: If I wasn’t a musician I would definitely be an astrophysicist or maybe a cult leader who owns a self-sustaining farm on an acreage in the Sunshine Coast (haven’t thought about this in great detail or anything). We have many years to live, I’m sure I’ll eventually do both of these things.

When did you pick up your first instrument?

Lauren: I started playing my Dad’s drum kit as early as 6 years old, started on a half-broken casio keyboard when I was 9, bought my first Martinez acoustic guitar with my first Pizza Hut paycheck when I was 14. Although, I’ve always been a singer as my grandfather was an incredible jazz singer and it’s the only thing I’ve been able to wholly dedicate myself to.

Matt: I started with an Abilene Bass Guitar in Year 5 when I joined the school band. At the time I had no idea what the difference between a Bass and a 6-string Guitar was, so I just went for it on a whim… and was thoroughly disappointed when I couldn’t play Through The Fire And Flames on it. Going into high school I made the switch to 6-string with the purchase of an Epiphone Les Paul. It became a constant source of joy and remains so to this day, probably more than ever.

Did your school have a supportive Music Department/Teachers?

Lauren: Sort of. It was a public school, the instruments weren’t spectacular and it didn’t continue on as an elective but it was where I joined my first band as a vocalist. We were a rock band called Forever But Never. It gave me so much confidence, people loved us! Although, I’m pretty sure it was just the idea of us that they loved because we absolutely sucked. 

Matt: Well, a coordinator once told me that if I moved schools, the music class wouldn’t have enough students to run. Catholic schools amirite?

Do you have any pre-performance rituals?

Lauren: I like to go for a run, meditate and do some yoga. Then I’ll most likely have a thousand cups of liquorice tea, stay away from things that might make me cry and remain as anti-social as possible until I get up on stage. 

What do you think the Music Industry needs right now?

Lauren: The Music Industry needs support, it needs love. Our little scene is so beautiful, and so supportive and I’m so grateful for it but the Government needs to shape the f*ck up and support the arts way more than it has been. The past few years have been abysmal for artists who were already struggling as it is and the blatant disregard for the importance of festivals, shows, concerts and everything in between has been a disrespect that has been pretty hard to get over.

What’s next for you?

Lauren: We’re gonna be pretty busy over the next 6-12 months and we’ve got so much planned in the way of releases, music videos and shows. Follow us on social media to keep up! x

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